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Mild Thoughts

  • Fine Tunes: Dinner Party

    Fine Tunes: Dinner Party

    Whether you’re coming together with family, friends, or friends that are family, we’ve curated a playlist with just the right amount of funk and spice.
  • Fine Tunes: Disco Down

    Fine Tunes: Disco Down

    If disco is dead, then this playlist is for all you funky zombies who like to boogie down. Something about disco brings me back to life when too much screentime or winter blues has me feeling dead inside. 
  • Barbari Hemp Infused Cortado Recipe by Valarie Sakota

    Home-grown Barista: Hemp Infused Cortado

    An at-home cortado recipe with an mild dose of hemp infused coffee extract.
  • Barbari Hemp Infused Coffee Elixir Recipe

    Hemp Infused Coffee Elixir

    How to make your own cannabis & coffee extract.

  • Botanicals by Astrological Signs

    Botanicals by Astrological Signs

    Find the perfect botanical based on your zodiac sign.
  • Barbari Peach infused ice

    Peachy Muse Tea Cubes

    Muse Herbal Blend inspired mint and peach flavored ice-cubes.

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