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Mild Thoughts

  • Botanicals by Astrological Signs

    Botanicals by Astrological Signs

    Find the perfect botanical based on your zodiac sign.
  • Barbari Peach infused ice

    Peachy Muse Tea Cubes

    Muse Herbal Blend inspired mint and peach flavored ice-cubes.
  • FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

    FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

    Imagine “zooming out” of your earthly being and peering down from a celestial body to take in the earth from a broader perspective.

    How To Smoke From A Bong

    Tips and tricks for perfecting bong etiquette.
  • Barbari x Xula Period Daze Playlist

    Fine Tunes: Period Daze

    Period Daze is a multi-genre mix to boogie down to while you ride those mood swings, mosh the rage away, and cultivate self-love for every bit of your achy, cramped up, amazing, beautiful body.
  • Airplane Mode "Sunshine Tea"

    Airplane Mode "Sunshine Tea"

    A little recipe from the kitchen notebook of cofounder Valarie detailing how she prepares Airplane Mode Herbal Blend as a “sunshine tea” (aka Arnold Palmer) in the summer months.

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