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About Barbari

Herbs and botanicals have been smoked, steeped and smudged for hundreds of years. These blends are crafted to get your mind right without rambling, made with organic ingredients with effects that can center, intoxicate and balance other herbal remedies.

Our food-grade herbs are carefully sourced from quality farms and partners for safe smoking, steeping, and burning. Like components of a perfume or a bedtime tea, the properties in the herbs blend together for a full-bodied experience, creating a composition that can be restorative to internal systems, calm or awaken the mind. The blends are also designed to deliver a milder, more manageable high when rolled with capital-H Herb to make an herbal spliff.

Greener Grass

When choosing a hemp CBD partner for our preroll line, beyond our baseline criteria of sustainable growing practices and womxn owned, we wanted the hemp we use to be the best we’d ever have. We didn’t have to look far to find High Desert Nectar, a father-daughter owned hemp farm in Bend, Oregon. Just a few hours southeast of our hometown in Portland grows the lush, sticky, aromatic hemp that is used in our signature Herbal Spliff and Hemp Smokes line. For the variety lover, you can find a rotating selection of top notch Hemp Flower, grown by some of our other favorite farms, available seasonally with limited availability.

Clean, Quality Ingredients

We hold deep pride in the quality of each and every Barbari product made. From sorting and sifting any impurities from each herb before they become the products we love (they are plants afterall), to sourcing clean, organically grown botanicals from farms big and small, we keep quality and consistency at the top of our priority list. If there is every a question about the quality of an ingredient, we conduct third-party testing for pesticides, microbiome, and heavy metals to verify that it meets our quality standards.

Did you get a Barbari product that didn’t meet your quality standard? Have an idea of how we can make your Barbari product even better? We love hearing from our Barbari family, so let us know.