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Mild Thoughts

  • FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

    FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

    Imagine “zooming out” of your earthly being and peering down from a celestial body to take in the earth from a broader perspective.

    How To Smoke From A Bong

    Tips and tricks for perfecting bong etiquette.
  • Barbari x Xula Period Daze Playlist

    Fine Tunes: Period Daze

    Period Daze is a multi-genre mix to boogie down to while you ride those mood swings, mosh the rage away, and cultivate self-love for every bit of your achy, cramped up, amazing, beautiful body.
  • Airplane Mode "Sunshine Tea"

    Airplane Mode "Sunshine Tea"

    A little recipe from the kitchen notebook of cofounder Valarie detailing how she prepares Airplane Mode Herbal Blend as a “sunshine tea” (aka Arnold Palmer) in the summer months.
  • Mindful Dosing: Finding Your Sweet Spot

    Mindful Dosing: Finding Your Sweet Spot

    Rather than looking at THC/CBD simply in serving sizes, think of it in terms of doses that work for you, your body, and your desired effect. We call this “Mindful Dosing”. How does one figure this out? Let us guide you.
  • Fine Tunes: Melting Pot

    Fine Tunes: Melting Pot

    A Playlist That Celebrates America’s Multicultural Music This month's Melting Pot playlist is as multi-functional, multicultural, and multi-dimensional as America. July is officially here, which means it’s time for the firework show, cold beverages on hot days, and a variety...

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