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Mild Thoughts

  • Terpenes & the Entourage Effect

    Terpenes & the Entourage Effect

    Breaking down the science of plants, one whiff at a time.

  • FINE TUNES: Lovers & Loners

    FINE TUNES: Lovers & Loners

    Valentines Day grooves for the romantically inclined, no matter your status.
  • Podcastic: A Podcast Playlist

    Podcastic: A Podcast Playlist

    We're mixing things up for our first playlist of 2024 with a curated mix of podcast episodes that we loved in 2023.
  • A New Year Cannabinoid Cleanse

    A New Year Cannabinoid Cleanse

     For 31 days, we’re going weed-free and you're invited to join us on the ride.
  • Gifts Under $10

    Gifts Under $10

    It's gifting season! Discover a delightful selection of unique gifts under $10 at Barbari Shop. Explore affordable and thoughtful presents for any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. Shop budget-friendly gifts without compromising on quality. Find the perfect affordable, botanical surprise...

  • The best botanicals for long cold nights

    The best botanicals for long cold nights

    5 Best Herbs for The Common Cold Is your nightstand covered in cough drop wrappers and piles of used tissue? Best as we try, it seems that the pesky winter cold takes us down at least once a year. And...

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