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By Valarie Sakota

Home-grown Barista: Hemp Infused Cortado

If you're anything like me, you probably find yourself reliably getting a little blue and unmotivated when the weather changes. Sure, there's plenty to feel cheerful about during the cozy season, but that doesn't stop my brain and body from diving headfirst into soft pants and hibernation mode. During these transitional periods, I reach for one of my favorite elixirs from the cupboard and give myself a little boost with homemade coffee and hemp extract (caffeine + weed is my favorite pairing) to kick start my day with energy and inspiration. 

The cortado is a Spanish take on a classic pairing: milk and espresso combined in equal parts. Typically served in a small portion of about 6 ounces, this beverage is perfect for slow sipping. It's my go-to order at the neighborhood coffee shop, but on days when I'm feeling reclusive, I like to improvise. Lately, I've been adding my infused hemp+coffee extract to enhance my morning coffee. The trace amounts of THC present in the hemp extract offer a tangible, albeit subtle, lift to the caffeine buzz. It's a perfect addition to my morning routine.

Since I don’t yet have an espresso machine, my at-home take on the cortado goes a little something like this:


1 tsp Infused Coffee Elixir (recipe here

1 tsp instant coffee or espresso

3 oz boiling water

3 oz warmed (or steamed) milk of your choice

Honey to taste (optional)



Mix instant coffee, boiling water, and infused coffee elixir together using a milk frother until fully dissolved. Either steam or warm the milk over stovetop (medium), constantly stirring with a whisk to ensure it doesn't scald. If you're adding honey, warm it with the milk. Once the milk is to your desired temperature, combine it with your coffee and stir it all together.

Done. Sip. Delish! 

 Barbari hemp infused cortado recipe by Valarie Sakota

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