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Mild Thoughts

  • Barbari Hemp Infused Cortado Recipe by Valarie Sakota

    Home-grown Barista: Hemp Infused Cortado

    An at-home cortado recipe with an mild dose of hemp infused coffee extract.
  • Barbari Hemp Infused Coffee Elixir Recipe

    Hemp Infused Coffee Elixir

    How to make your own cannabis & coffee extract.

  • Barbari Peach infused ice

    Peachy Muse Tea Cubes

    Muse Herbal Blend inspired mint and peach flavored ice-cubes.
  • Airplane Mode "Sunshine Tea"

    Airplane Mode "Sunshine Tea"

    A little recipe from the kitchen notebook of cofounder Valarie detailing how she prepares Airplane Mode Herbal Blend as a “sunshine tea” (aka Arnold Palmer) in the summer months.

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