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Traveling with THC

Looking for tips on how to travel with weed? Now, while I can’t recommend you take this risk, (because it is a risk), through my travels I’ve learned a few techniques when it comes to traveling with THC. The TSA is not looking for drugs, but if they discover it during a search, they can turn it over to local authorities. The most important things to remember when traveling with weed is to mind the TSA Ps & Qs and to camouflage your stash. Here's a few tested methods that I've had success with.

Editors’ disclaimer: When evaluating the risks of traveling with THC, please consider that federal law prohibits it. Naturally, we can’t condone you testing these methods ... but we can vouch for them from personal experience. Other countries have their own cannabis regulations and cultural stances you should be aware of ahead of traveling, and we don’t condone, nor have we tested these methods for international travel. The risks you take from here on are your own.


As a rule of thumb, I travel with as little flower as possible (like a few nugs. Do not attempt to carry large quantities). Vapes, edibles, and tinctures are the most travel-friendly forms of consumption. If you do travel with flower, I like to store mine in small prescription plastic containers, old allergy pill bottles for example, and pack them with the rest of my toiletries and medicines. For packing weed in checked luggage, if I’m confident there will be no odor, I’ll sometimes store a gram or two in a plastic ziplock, tuck them into a coat or pants pocket, and fold it up with my checked luggage. Checked luggage is searched randomly all the time, so if you do store weed in checked bags, make sure it’s in a place that you can claim as “forgettable”. I always roll my clothes when packing instead of the “fold & stack” method. This not only gives me more space in the suitcase but creates better hiding places for any tucked-away pockets of weed.


I always separate the vape liquid from the battery and store the battery with other portable batteries and chargers. I like to keep the liquid part of the vape with my toiletries to camouflage it as a beauty related liquid.


Thanks to the rise of tinctures and face serums, it’s very common to travel with at least one “legit” tincture bottle of something. I, myself, travel with 2: a CBD sleep tincture and a face serum. To travel with a THC tincture, simply remove the label and add it to the bag with the rest of your tincture bottles. If the label isn’t removable, I recommend repackaging it to an empty bottle of something above board. Like your other liquids, just make sure they are tightly secured and stored in a plastic bag. I also make sure not to travel with more than the 3 ounces of liquid you are allowed to travel with.


I LOVE flying while high, so am no stranger to traveling with edibles, but I do my prep work ahead of time. Specifically, I make sure to remove and repackage everything. Gummies go in gummy packaging (think gummy bears or peach-oh’s), I remove infused chocolate from foil wrapping and rewrap it in paper or a plastic bag. I also always bring un-infused snacks with me. This will make my array of partially opened and wrapped sweets and snacks appear to be part of a larger travel meal. Bonus, I have some travel snacks already handy for when those munchies kick in!


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