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FINE TUNES: Self Centered

When it’s time to look inward and tune out the peripheral input from the world around you, Self Centered CBD Tea is a bright, crisp elixir to help you close the mental shutters. Infused with adaptogenic schisandra berry and full spectrum hemp extract (featuring 10mg CBD per sachet), this antioxidant-rich tea blend is a flavorful shroud for your internal systems and psyche.

Inspired by the crimson infusion, we curated a playlist to help transition your being from stimulated to centered. Introspective and rhythmic, like the blood that surges through our veins, turn to this curated playlist and draw the flow of energy inward. Align the mind and the body, move with the rhythm of your heartbeat and let the music guide your energy until you settle into a profound state of self-presence. Consider this permission to put yourself ahead of everything else, feel your body move, breath, and take control of your own vibrations.