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How To Mindfully Dose For Productivity

Getting to know and understand your personal serving size is the first, and most important step. A single dose for me will likely feel different to anyone other than me. Until you get to know your dosage sweet spot, a general rule of thumb is to begin by taking half (or a quarter) of the recommended serving size. Here’s an example of one founder’s dosing journal.

Step 1: Create Your Own Serving Size

Meryl’s doses for full functionality: edibles, single-hit chillums, or a Barbari Muse Spliff.

  • Edibles: between 3 mg - 5 mg THC
  • Flower (single-hit chillum): 2 bowls
  • Spliff: 1 Barbari THC Muse Spliff

Step 2: Prep Work Makes The Best Work

Just the right amount of THC can do wonders to quickly drop you into “flow state” of mind, and focus your attention on the task at hand. After you consume though, those attentions can easily be diverted to finding the right playlist, getting comfortable in your seat, or making sure you’re well hydrated. Before you consume, get your activity all ready to go. If this is a work-related project, be sure to have your focus playlist ready to rock, prepare all your beverages (I like at least two, but that’s just me), check your batteries, and take one last potty break before sitting down. The goal here is to reduce or remove all distractions that can drive your mild high off the tracks from your desired objective.

Step 3: Set No Limits

When you’re in that juicy flow-state of mind, the worst thing you can do is interrupt it. Give yourself at least a few hours, or better yet the coveted uninterrupted block of time, to fully explore. Get cerebral with it. To the best of your ability, make the mental and physical space to explore, dig in, experiment. Intention setting is not limiting. There’s a difference between setting goals and limitations. Let your intentions be that lighthouse for your THC fueled journey. Whether you’re a long-time consumer or new to the market, this mindfulness and curiosity are invited into every consumption session for optimal results. The right dose and mindful mindset have the ability to unlock some serious greatness and amazing personal bests. Like oh, snap, did I do that Steve Urkle moments (in the best possible ways). Whatever moment you’re choosing to add a little herbal flavor, do so mindfully, and lean into the flow.

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