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Fine Tunes: Melting Pot

A Playlist That Celebrates America’s Multicultural Music

This month's Melting Pot playlist is as multi-functional, multicultural, and multi-dimensional as America. July is officially here, which means it’s time for the firework show, cold beverages on hot days, and a variety of grilled foods to celebrate all that is ‘Murica. This month’s playlist delivers a summertime vibe of global music to celebrate America's immigrants and the cultures they represent.

Poet and Harvard Professor Henry Wadsworth Longfellow famously said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” For thousands of years, before borders were drawn, in every language and culture, and across different species and within nature, music can be found. It’s the vibrations that can heal, teach, and connect us to each other. Our Melting Pot playlist brings us together in beat, dance, and harmony.