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Fine Tunes: Frolic in the Flowers

Spring captures my heart. It’s the season that brings new energy, new possibilities, and new love.

These laid-back tunes stir moods of aimless exploration through a garden that has come back to life after a frigid winter. They allow me to reflect, float off into my daydreams, and embrace warmth and smiles.

I invite you to enjoy this curation as you stroll through your local farmers market, welcome adventure with a road trip over a long weekend, or simply travel in your mind through sound. Pairing it all with a smooth J and a glass of iced tea is highly encouraged.

Eunice Kim is the founder of HiVi.Life, a cannabis concierge for wellness seekers looking for a personalized cannabis plan to match their lifestyle and goals. In support of a more equitable, ethical, and sustainable cannabis industry, her mission is to educate and empower all of us on conscious cannabis consumption so we can build a more high vibrational community together. Follow HiVi on Instagram.