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Fine Tunes: Fire

Our April playlist is a perfectly rolled 10-song playlist that hits just right. FIRE isn’t about bringing you the hits, it’s a playlist dedicated to songs that comes together with your smoke sesh in perfect harmony. This mix follows the same rhythmic frequency of a well-tuned smoke circle, and mirrors the diversity of the crew you roll with.

Our FIRE playlist starts off with some NEW Childish Gambino that delivers a sweet, yet threatening aura, covered in candy-coated-weedie playfulness. From there, it’s a smooth slide to songs that will creep into your chest and start pounding, causing spontaneous rhythmic body movements and head nods, also known as dancing. As your smoke sesh mellows down, FIRE will begin to smolder, easing you into a blissful and relaxed chill-state. Take this as your queue to call your crew over and smoke, laugh, dance, heal, rest, and drink water together. Our FIRE playlist is here to spark a little musical joy into your next smoke sesh celebration.