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Fine Tunes: Tripsadazical

Welcome to 2023! We gave up on New Year's resolutions long ago. Instead, we’ve picked up a ritual of starting new seasons in our life (birthdays, new years, moments of transition, etc) with manifesting, emotional healing, joy, and deepening our connection with ourselves, nature, and the universe. How do we do this? With an intentional dose of psilocybin and a musical journey. You can hear more about Barbari CEO’s 2022 “Big Trip” in The High Guide podcast. This year, we’re carving out some time alone with a journal, some select energy crystals, our tarot cards, some magical mushrooms and our Tripsadazical playlist.

If you’re feeling like giving your new year a psychedelic start, we’ve made this playlist just for you. This playlist was designed to last the length of your trip, about 5 hours. This multi-genre mix is sure to please the senses, open your mind, and deepen your connection to heart and universe.