Mild Thoughts

  • FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

    FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

    Imagine “zooming out” of your earthly being and peering down from a celestial body to take in the earth from a broader perspective.
  • Barbari x Xula Period Daze Playlist

    Fine Tunes: Period Daze

    Period Daze is a multi-genre mix to boogie down to while you ride those mood swings, mosh the rage away, and cultivate self-love for every bit of your achy, cramped up, amazing, beautiful body.
  • Fine Tunes: Melting Pot

    Fine Tunes: Melting Pot

    A Playlist That Celebrates America’s Multicultural Music This month's Melting Pot playlist is as multi-functional, multicultural, and multi-dimensional as America. July is officially here, which means it’s time for the firework show, cold beverages on hot days, and a variety...

  • Fine Tunes: Brain Candy

    Fine Tunes: Brain Candy

    Immersive tunes that tickle the brain and sound best with noise cancelling headphones.
  • Fine Tunes: Frolic in the Flowers

    Fine Tunes: Frolic in the Flowers

    Spring captures my heart. It’s the season that brings new energy, new possibilities, and new love. These laid-back tunes stir moods of aimless exploration through a garden that has come back to life after a frigid winter. They allow me...

  • Fine Tunes: Fire

    Fine Tunes: Fire

    Our April playlist is a perfectly rolled 10-song playlist that hits just right. FIRE isn’t about bringing you the hits, it’s a playlist dedicated to songs that comes together with your smoke sesh in perfect harmony. 

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