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The Poetic Prose of Prerolls

The Poetic Prose of Prerolls

What’s our new line of prerolls like? Well, they’re sorta like...


We’re on a westbound flight at dusk surfing along the tangerine waves of sunset, held for hours in the space between daylight and twilight. Seatback reclined, consciousness matching the altitude at 10,000 feet up and climbing. The worries of earth left farther and farther behind, we’ve entered the state of Airplane Mode. Here, our only thoughts are dreams, which blossom as the stresses of our cerebral cortex untangle. Sit back, dream, and drift away into your chill state.

Airplane Mode CBD Herbal Spliff: Organic Hemp CBD, Raspberry Leaf, Sage, Rose, Lavender, and Blue Lotus



It’s 1966, and we’re in a sunlit studio at the Chelsea Hotel. You look me in the eyes, and suddenly I see everything with crystal clarity. You are the bridge connecting the gaps in my thoughts, my guide through binding mental blocks into the greenspace of creativity and clarity. We dance together, breathe together, make art, love, and thrive together. We were not born to waste, but to add magic to the world. You remind me of this every day. My lifeforce, my muse.

Muse CBD Herbal Spliff: Organic Hemp CBD, Raspberry Leaf, Sage, Peppermint, Blue Cornflower 



Outside, we hear the muffled sounds of Uptown Funk, glasses clinking in sloppy cheers “to the bride and groom!”, children running around free from their chains of supervision. Inside, we hear nothing but the heavy breathing of our hot kisses, your hands wander freely, my fingers tighten around the roots of your hair which smells of smoke and my perfume. My back pinned against someone’s fur coat, hangers falling to our feet with each deepening of our togetherness. Giggling like we’re schoolgirls again, buzzing with passion and a little weed. I fantasize about these moments with you when we can’t even make it to the car without fully indulging in each other.

Car Sex CBD Herbal Spliff: Organic Hemp CBD, Raspberry Leaf, Mullein, White Sage, Wild Dagga


Wildflowers speckle the rolling hills in random patches of colorful magic. What started as seeds dropped by birds or the wind created tiny ecosystems of beauty and life. You’re laying on your back in a bright green field, the warmth of the sun blankets your body as you look up at the vast blue sky and cotton candy clouds, contemplating the tiny birds and miracles of wildflowers. It’s a Saturday afternoon, and you have nothing to do for the rest of the day but lay here and let the warm spring day unfold before you – total freedom.

Hemp Smokes: Organic Hemp CBD (Suver Haze)