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Frequent Flyers Welcome

Introducing BARBARI Herbal Blend subscriptions! Now you never have to worry about running out, just set your rituals to cruise control and coast.

How We Roll

  • Choose which Herbal Blends and/or Spliffs you’d like to receive on a regular basis
  • If you subscribe to Herbal Blends, your first order will be sent to you in our 4oz amber jar. SAVE THIS JAR!
  • There’s a 1-time fee of $5. If you still have a full-size Barbari jar from orders past, email or DM us an image and we’ll send you a code to waive the sign-up fee.
  • Your next Barbari refill will arrive in our 100% compostable pouch and shipping envelope. Once you receive your herbals, we recommend storing them in your empty Barbari jar to keep them fresh and protected from sunlight.

Friends with Benefits

  • Want to add another product to your subscription delivery or delay your delivery date? No problem! Just log into your account to update your membership anytime.
  • Expect some special treatment! Frequent Flyers get early access and samples to new products, Barbari swag, and discounts just for you.

Save Some Green

  • Our subscription service reduces the amount of packaging and waste we put out into the world
  • Customers who subscribe save up to 20% on their Barbari Herbals
  • Make your bud last longer by mixing it with our effect-focused Herbal Smoking Blends

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