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Looking for a thoughtful gift that is personalized, sustainable, and price-friendly? Well, friend, we have you covered. Barbari’s Quick Gift includes our Free Time CBD Herbal prerolls made with CBD-rich hemp flower and your choice of a plantable Wildflower Seed Card. Available in two prints: Calendula print, or Gingerbread Cat print, after this card has been gifted, the recipient can plant the card and watch the wildflowers grow in its place.

This gift encourages the recipient to take a moment and savor the simple wonders of life, watch the smoke as it dances across their face, and behold the magic of life as beautiful wildflowers grow in the place of your thoughtfulness.

2x .6g prerolls per tube + 1 wildflower seed card.

These greeting cards feature our original illustrations. They are printed on plantable cream-colored paper, which is embedded with wildflower seeds and made from post-consumer waste. To plant the paper, cover it with 1/8″ of soil in full to partial sun and keep moist until the seeds establish. The seeds include Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon.


CBD-rich Hemp from High Desert Nectar and Barbari’s Free Time Herbal Blend: Raspberry leaf, wormwood, lemon balm and calendula

Contains ~25mg (3.5%) CBD and less than .3% THC

Full Price: $15.00

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