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Recovery Kits to Support Trans Health

This month, we are curating recovery kits for our neighbors at The Q Center to support Trans Health and we would love your support! Throughout the month of June, we are collecting recovery items such as:


Request Recovery Items: 

  • CBD Products: edibles, tinctures, transdermals, and topicals
  • Reading & Entertainment: magazines, books, puzzles, and word games, notebooks, coloring books, coloring pencils, and/or markers
  • Home & Comfort: toothbrushes, cozy socks, travel pillows, eye masks, cooling/heating pads, water bottles/mugs with lids

Our goal is to create 50-100 of these care packages to donate to The Q Center, and we need your help! Donate any amount, and we’ll send you a 2-pack of any CBD Herbal Spliff as a thank you! These funds will go directly into achieving our care kit goal. Any remaining funds will be donated directly to Marsha P. Johnson Fund which provides microgrants for Trans individuals to assist with housing, medical bills, and other emergency costs. 

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About The Q Center: As the largest LGBTQ+ community center in the Pacific Northwest, Q Center proudly serves the LGBTQ2SIA+ communities of Portland Metro and Southwest Washington. Their drop-in and event space on North Mississippi Avenue is a frequent first stop for new arrivals in Portland, and for longtime residents who are newly out or questioning their sexual or gender identity. Q Center also serves as an information hub for friends, partners, community, and family members of LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals.

Featured image collage by Kendrick Daye, image taken by Hank O’ Neal of Mother Marsha at NYC’s Pride march in 1977. Image courtesy of Marshap.org.

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