Lion’s Tail Thai Stick Blunt

By Sway Blunts

A special collaboration Thai Stick, blossomed from the dreamy pairing of Sway Blunts and Barbari Herbals. This 2-gram hemp mango infused Lion’s Tail Thai Stick Blunt features a fruit-forward essence, vibrant orange lion’s tail petals decorate the exterior and lend a euphoric giddiness. We’ve paired this with an organic Sour Pineapple hemp strain from East Fork Cultivars, boasting 19% CBD content. It’s spunky and funky and guaranteed to turn heads. Made with love by Sway for Barbari in Portland, Oregon.

While lighting, take short puffs and turn it until fully lit. We recommend using a hemp wick to avoid inhaling butane.

Once ignited, instead of flicking or tapping, gently touch the ashy end against the bottom or side of your ashtray to knock off the excess. When finished with your sesh, allow it to go out on its own. Store it in its tube for max freshness. It may surprise you how tasty it is when you relight it.

Two grams of organically grown hemp flower, organic mango infused hemp wrap, organically grown lion’s tail petals, corn husk crutch, gum arabic

Each blunt contains 19% CBD and less than .03% THC
Net Wt. 3.25g

Strain: Sour Pineapple by East Fork Cultivars

Effects: playful & euphoric

Aroma: fruity & piney

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