Lifter CBD-Rich Hemp Flower Subscription

7g of CBD-rich hemp flower Lifter. This strain of hemp has an abundance of bright citrus notes for an energized and focused mild buzz. Organically grown by High Desert Nectar Farm in Bend, Oregon, these pre-rolls will brighten any day or task ahead. With our Frequent Flyers Club, set your prerolls to cruise control, and enjoy your monthly order delivered to your doorstep.

❁ Organically Grown CBD-rich Hemp Flower ❁

Frequent Flyers Club

  • Save 20% on subscription prerolls
  • Adjust your membership at anytime
  • Billed and delivered to your door once a month


Contains: 7g Lifter

~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC



Full Price: $28.00 / month for 12 months

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Mindfully Sourced

Test results represent a mere fraction of the proof we need to identify trustworthy hemp suppliers. We take into consideration not just farm processes and supply chains, but the ethics, equity leadership, and values behind every producer when deciding who to work with.