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Craving comfort? We’ve brought together our Prerolls for Periods with a sweet and salty treat of CBD Chocolate dipped salted caramels. Together with one of our favorite canna brands, Xula Herbs, Period Daze prerolls blend cannabinoid science with botanical abundance for people with wombs. These prerolls were formulated to help take the edge off of those menstruation days. We’ve paired these prerolls with four Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Covered Caramels making this our go-to for menstrual self-care.

2 .6g prerolls per tube
4 Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Covered Caramels

We recommend smoking on day 1 of your cycle; or as soon as you feel cramps and symptoms of your period coming on. Sometimes this can be the day before you actually start bleeding/menstruating. Inhale 3-10 puffs or until your symptoms subside. Repeat as necessary.

Period Daze:
CBD-rich Frida from Ranchera Familia, and CBG-rich hemp from High Desert Nectar. Raspberry leaf, mugwort, camomile, pink rose, and cramp bark.

Contains ~25mg (3.5%) CBD, ~25mg CBG (3.5%), and less than .3% THC

Greater Goods Chocolate Covered Caramels:

Heavy cream, sugar, corn syrup*, salted butter, organic fair-trade dark chocolate* (cacao, sugar, cacao butter), USDA certified hemp oil, sunflower lecithin*, vanilla extract, chocolate sea salt.
*Non-GMO. Contains dairy.

25mg hemp derived full spectrum CBD per caramel
Four pieces per box: 100mg hemp CBD total

Full Price: $25.00

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