Car Sex Herbal Blend

Smoking Blends

Bring out the best of your reckless impulses with a balanced blend of euphoric lion’s tail blossoms and sustainably farmed white sage tailor-made for risqué reveries and rowdier nights. All BARBARI Herbal Blends are made with organic, food-grade herbs in Portland, Oregon.

Available in 8g and 16g of loose-leaf herbs.

Mix with bud for an herbal spliff or roll on its own for a clear-headed, all-herbal smoke.

Steep as a detoxifying herbal tea or sprinkle into a warm bath for aromatic enhancement.

Burn as fragrant, cleansing incense when meditating, mediating or feeling moody.

Mullein, white sage, raspberry leaf, and lion’s tail

We exclusively source our white sage from Oshala Farm, which grows this botanical as an organic crop in Southern Oregon. We do not source wild-harvested white sage as it is our duty to preserve white sage as a native species within a larger habitat and ecosystem and protect its use as a cultural resource for Native tribes and communities.

*Herbal blends do not contain hemp or CBD*

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