Airplane Mode Flower Sticks


For use with the Omura heat-not-burn device, this pack of sustainable flower sticks are made of FSC certified paper. Each stick is filled with organically grown CBD-rich hemp flower and mixed with our Airplane Mode herbal smoking blend, for those moments when you seek to calm and quiet the mind. Whole flower only. Sticks are biodegradable and compostable.

Heat Curve – Our heat curve works at a much lower temperature, ranging from 300°F to up to 430°F to activate all the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Convenient and Clean – No grinding, packing or cleaning your Omura. Just insert a flower stick and go.

Sustainable – Flower Sticks are made of FSC certified paper and filled with 0.17g (THC) or 0.125g(CBD) of whole flower only. Sticks are biodegradable and compostable.

Twelve .125g Airplane Mode Flower Sticks FOR USE WITH OMURA DEVICE

Simply insert your pre-filled Airplane Mode Flower Stick, flower side down, into the Omura device. Press the button until the device vibrates and then release. LEDs indicate the device is heating up. Wait for a second vibration and all LEDs to light up, which indicates the device is ready.

Bring the flower stick to your mouth and begin use with long, slow inhales. Experience minimal vapor, controlled dosing, and zero lingering odor.

The session will last 3 minutes. The final vibration will let you know that your session is completed. Discard your flower stick after use.

Rose, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, lavender, sage, Suver Haze hemp flower.

All BARBARI Herbal Blends are made with organic, food-grade herbs in Portland, Oregon.

Suver Haze hemp flower was sun-grown with organic practices in Bend, Oregon by High Desert Nectar Farms.

~12.5mg (10%) CBD and less than .3% THC per Stick

Full Price: $20.00

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