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Spliff Drop Clip Bundle




For a limited time only, get your High Society Collection Abalone Drop Clip and Barbari Variety Pack with special bundle pricing. The Abalone Drop Clip is a classic sliding 24K gold-dipped clip design accented by an abalone embellishment. Abalone shell is known for its protective energy and invoking strength and emotional balance. 


Barbari Variety Pack provides a spliff for every mood. Each pack includes one Airplane Mode CBD Spliff, one Muse CBD Spliff, one Car Sex CBD Spliff, and two Hemp Smokes, perfect for those who don’t want to limit themselves to just one flavor. Go ahead, have it all. 


Each bundle contains: Barbari Variety Pack & Abalone Drop Clip


Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon


Contains: Five .6g Spliffs
~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC per Spliff per serving

❁1 Car Sex CBD Spliff ❁ 1 Muse CBD Spliff ❁ 1 Airplane Mode CBD Spliff ❁ 2 Hemp Smokes ❁


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