Fine Tunes: Breast Milk

BARBARI Fine Tunes, Thoughts

Eyyy, it May. This means you’re likely already getting flooded on Instagram officially welcoming you to Mother szn. For our playlist this month, we wanted to bring those mothering markers …

Fine Tunes: Late Bloomer

BARBARI Fine Tunes, Thoughts

Famous Charm is the uber-creative and multi-talented design duo behind the BARBARI brand and packaging. For this month’s Fine Tunes playlist, we asked them to pull together some music paired …

Weed Church

BARBARI Brand, Thoughts

What happens when you get 25 womxn, mostly who work in the cannabis industry, to clean out their stash drawers and bring what they find to a little after-work weed mixer?

Big Amber Energy

BARBARI Botanical 101, Brand, Thoughts

When Barbari was born, selecting the right container for our Herbal Blends was just as important as sourcing the herbs themselves. We knew we needed something airtight, something made with as little plastic as possible, and something kind of beautiful.

Incarcerated Women: From the Inside, Out

BARBARI Brand, Thoughts

One hundred years ago, making the papers for criminal activity was sometimes the only evidence a woman even existed. Today, the United States is one of the top incarcerators of women in the world.


BARBARI Mindfulness, Thoughts

MARCH 2020 HOROSCOPES March might technically have more winter days than spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a cold and dreary mindset. Instead of looking …

Fine Tunes: Car Sex

BARBARI Fine Tunes, Thoughts

In the mood for some light exhibitionism? Get the car warmed up because we’ve got an eargasm worthy playlist for some sexy, spontaneous backseat action. Car Sex will have your …

New Decade, New Headspace

BARBARI Thoughts

JANUARY 2020 HOROSCOPES Hitting the refresh button on January 1 can be, well, refreshing. Having said that, we find rebelling against New Year’s resolutions to be even more invigorating than …