Pride Month Shopping Guide

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It’s PRIDE month! This month we celebrate queer identities, accomplishments, commemorate the Stonewall Riots and honor those in our communities that have lost their lives due to hateful stigmatization of …

How to Vaporize Herbal Blends

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Curious how to vaporize herbs with your weed? It happens to be the best way to main the flavor profile of your botanics, giving you a smooth smoke free session. We’re breaking down the step by step guide on how to vaporize herbal blends.

How To Roll a 50 /50 Herbal Spliff

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Want to become an expert spliff roller? Here’s how to roll a 50/50 herbal spliff. Mixing botanicals with your weed helps you control your high and manage your tolerance!

Women In Weed

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For Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting some of the badass women who own and lead in the cannabis industry. Here is the ultimate list of women-owned cannabis brands.

How To Perfect A Mild High

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Your Guide to Smoking and Functioning At The Same Time A mild high: although there is no Merriam Webster definition, the two words elegantly speak for themselves. It’s a state …

An Introduction to Sway Blunts

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Meet the Women founders of Sway Blunts as we interview them on the inspiration of the brand, best practices for blunt smoking, and different types of blunts to enjoy.

From Blues To Blunts

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This playlist is the history of cannabis and music culture, and how they’ve influenced each other over the decades. From Jazz to the rise of R&B, take a little history lesson through the art of music on what black ancestors endured to light up a blunt today.

How to Quit Tobacco

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Have you been trying to kick the nicotine habit for years? Quitting cigarettes can take a hard fight, but it’s not impossible. Let’s swap tobacco with beneficial botanicals to slowly move away from cigarettes.

How To Drink Your Weed

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Baby, it’s cold outside and the start of the new year often brings a fresh start full of resolutions, intention setting and a little post holiday detox. For those of …