Ready-To-Roll Bundle


We’re bundling our best-selling Airplane Mode and Car Sex minis with our Mild High Papers to give you all you need for the perfect herbal spliff. Just add your own dose of your favorite cannabis, and you’re ready to roll. Our Duo Pack gives you 8 grams of each of our signature Herbal Blends so you can perfectly match any mood. Our hemp rolling papers include 50 hemp tips, papers, and a magnetic closure so they can go wherever you need to roll up. Be sure to check the back which includes a QR code to our playlists for the anytime vibe. 


  • Barbari’s Duo Pack – 8g of Airplane Mode and Car Sex Herbal Blends ($23 value) – NO MUSE AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT
  • Mild High Rolling Papers ($10 value) 


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