Bumpin Bunpin’ Bundle


 Close your eyes and imagine that friend that is A) always asking you for a hairband, and/or B) always asking you to roll their joint. We all have *that* friend. Shoot, maybe you are *that* friend! It’s all good because we’ve got the perfect gift for them. Our Balance Bunpin and 2-pack Spliff bundle bring together some of our favorite activities: smoking and hair play. Select any 2-pack of your choice to perfectly fit within our artist-made Balance Bunpin spliff holder. You’ll be sure to end up on The Nice List when you give this perfect gift for those in your life with luscious locks that love to smoke. 

Sorry, Muse 2-packs are not available at the moment!



  • Barbari Balance Bun Pin ($38 value)
  • 2-pack preroll of your choice ($10 value)


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