Q: Are herbs safe to smoke?

A: Yes! We only use food-grade herbs that are safe for ingestion. Historically, these herbs have been used for medicinal and recreational rituals across indigenous cultures for thousands of years. We also independently test our herbs. We’re always happy to share our COAs upon request at hello@barbarishop.com

Q: What is a Spliff?

A: Strictly speaking, weed + tobacco rolled into a 50/50 joint. With less weed, it’s a milder high, and popular in places like Europe where tobacco is much easier to come by than weed, or Jamaica where it allows a long session without getting too high too fast. Spliffs allow for a smaller amount of bud to be stretched further for friends. The Herbal Spliff is a more healthful alternative, with a 60/40-ish ratio of herbs to hemp flower.

Q: What effects do smoking herbs give when smoked with weed?

A: As the presence of herbs already dilutes the amount of weed in your joint, the effects lean on the milder side compared to 100% cannabis smoke. But each of the herbal ingredients contributes a unique flavor and its own stimulating or soothing shift in mood. Swing by the product page for details on each blend. For inspiration on what strain pairs well with our herbal blends, check out Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey’s favorite mix and matches on our Mild Thoughts Blog post

Q: Do you need to grind the herbal blends before rolling into a spliff?

A: We do recommend grinding the herbs in a separate grinder for an even and consistent burn, but it’s not a requirement.

Q: Is a spliff like smoking a cigarette?

A: Healthwise, not at all. There is zero nicotine, tobacco, preservatives or chemical additives present in any Barbari blends. None of the ingredients are addictive. However, if you are looking for a healthier alternative, the easy burn of rolled up blends makes for an appealingly aromatic transition away from tobacco. Raspberry leaf is the base of all our blends as it lends to a similar burn consistency as tobacco, and is a common tobacco replacement. We’ve had more than a few customers use our Herbal Blends to help them quit tobacco. Read about one of those stories in our Mild Thoughts Blog post

Q: Will I get high from an Herbal Spliff?

A: In the traditional, weed-related meaning of “high,” no. Will you experience a mellow degree of psychoactive effects? At times. In alignment with the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp flower in our Spliffs contains less than .3% THC — the compound in the cannabis plant largely contributing to the psychedelic effect we call “stoned.” Due to the low level of THC, our Spliffs could potentially result in a positive result on a drug test. What hemp does contain is a higher concentration of CBD, the compound that has shown capacity to help regulate body systems like circadian rhythms, appetite, and a steady mind.

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