How To Drink Your Weed

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Baby, it’s cold outside and the start of the new year often brings a fresh start full of resolutions, intention setting and a little post holiday detox. For those of …

Traveling with THC

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Looking for tips on how to travel with weed? The most important things to remember when traveling with weed is to mind the TSA Ps & Qs and to camouflage your stash. Here’s a few tested methods that I’ve had success with.

Litha – Summer Solstice, Rituals + Practices

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Summer Solstice is about celebrating all the gifts we have been given by the Sun/Mother Nature. Currently, we are being bathed in the energy and it is up to us to fully embrace and receive it. Embrace the fiery sun and be inspired to tap into our own fiery badass sides. We are at the climax of the Summer, so enjoy it!

How To Mindfully Dose For Productivity

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Whether you’re managing a project under a deadline, working through a creative block, or practicing a hobby for mental health, a little bit of THC might be your secret sauce for success. But what if the dose of your latest dispensary goodie doesn’t fit your personal tolerance. We’ve created a simple how-to guide for sprinkling a little THC inspiration and motivation into any occasion.