Best Strains for PMS Relief

Last year our pal, Mennlay of Xula herbs gave us her expert perspective on how to approach strain pairing. To celebrate the launch of the Xula + Barbari Period Daze preroll, we’ve asked her to come back and recommend the top strains for menstrual relief. So put on those comfy pants and order yourself a pizza because we’ve got just the strains to ease those PMS blues.

A Royal History of Plant Medicine

Hitting the J during my period is probably one of the most fun yet effective ways to relieve menstrual cramps. But it’s nothing new; according to confirmed historical gossip, royal physician Sir J. Russell Reynolds prescribed Queen Victoria herb for ‘simple spasmodic dysmenorrhoea’ aka period cramps during the mid-to-late 1800s.

Why Cannabis Works For Menstruation

Studies show that both THC and CBD cannabinoids alike are incredibly powerful at reducing inflammation—which is often the culprit of most pain. Including menstrual pains. These cannabinoids work overtime to relax the uterine muscle and provide comprehensive support to other period-related symptoms like thigh and lower back pain, headaches, and sore breasts/chest tissue (often occurring a couple days before your period).

Top 3 Strains for Menstrual Relief

So which strains are my favorite for period days? Peep my top three faves below.

Symptom: that heavy body feeling
Strain: Medicine Woman THC 29% CBG 5%
Effects: relaxed (especially in your body), joyful, giggly

If the name alone doesn’t do it for you, the high Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage might. I was introduced to Medicine Woman at a dispensary while on a trip in California for a ranch wedding. So when aunt flow showed up early during the rehearsal dinner (RUDE), I knew I was going to have to double down on both tinctures and flower to get through the wedding in high spirits and without blood stains on my silk bridesmaid dress. Considering its high THC content, when you consider the 5% CBD, the combo makes for a relaxing, giggly type of energy. I felt energized but also relieved—a total body unclench if you will. That allowed me to be joyful and active enough to fully take part in all of the activities for the wedding.

Symptom: that chaotic state of mind
Strain: Frida CBD: 10.65% THCA: 0.38%
Effects: calm, focused, physically relaxed

Frida is probably one of my new favorite CBD-dominants. A strain cultivated by two femme powerhouse breeders, Rachera Famila and Raven Grass, this herbaceous and sweet cultivar can also be found in the Barbari x Xula Period Daze pre-rolls. Frida keeps me social and sharp at work meetings while gently relaxing the muscles surrounding my uterus during the brutal day 1 and day 2 of my moon phase. It has a sweet mango profile that enhances the ritual of smoking aromatically when you dry-pull and ignite puffs.

Symptom: that in-pain & grumpy feeling
Strain: Headband THC 19% CBG 1%
Effects: relaxed (especially in your body), euphoric

Fun random fact: I briefly pursued a part-time career as a step aerobics instructor. Despite this being in 2005 rather than the 80s, I did in fact wear a headband to classes to keep the sweat from stinging my eyes. Surprisingly enough, I ended up growing Headband as an ode to its ex-beauty queen parent Sour Diesel. Coming in with a respectable percentage of 19% THC, I find Headband to be grounding in its pain relief with just enough euphoric undertones to do more than just sleep after you hit the J.

If you can’t get your hands on these strains, don’t worry bb, we’ve got you covered. Period Daze brings together the physical and emotional balance that comes when you combine CBG and CBD plus botanicals made to support your PMS highs and lows.

Author Bio

Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey is the author of The Art of Weed Butter and co-founder of Xula— a botanical brand for better periods + cycles. She is an interdisciplinary cannabis professional, working in the legalized markets since 2005. Mennlay is also the co-host of the Broccoli Talk podcast and proudly sits on the board of the Floret Coalition—the anti-racist cannabis collective, funding monthly equity-oriented actions for the Black, Indigenous, and Latin communities most harmed by the war on drugs.