BARBARI X SAINT JOAN | Handmade Asher & Incense Burner
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This handmade Quartz and Brass incense burner doubles as an ashing tray for your next smokey session. Inspired by Earth’s natural curves, this individually carved Quartz bowl sits atop a brass base, each showing its unique crystalline designs. This gorgeous piece of art doubles as an ashtray meets incense burner – crafted to cradle incense cones, sticks, palo santo and herbal spliffs.
After a fire, it is from the ashes that new growth is inspired. The Asher is our nod to the lessons we can learn from the natural world, the harmony in its cycles, and honoring its beauty and simplicity.
Materials: Quartz, brass
2 x 5 x 3 inches
Handmade in Austin, TX.

About the artist

Designed collaboratively with artist, Ana Davidson of Saint Joan Studio. Ana is a Mexican-American art director, stylist, designer and consultant based in Austin, Texas. Her work is largely influenced by honoring the elements of the Earth while infusing her contemporary style with balance and grace.

About the materials

Black Rutile Quartz is used to promote spiritual growth by drawing negative energy out to help let go of the past. It's said to both cleanse and energize to the aura. Quartz is known as the “master healing crystal” as it amplifies the effect of other stones and improves energy if one is feeling lethargic or distressed.


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