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Our budget-friendly and thoughtful approach to DIY gifting

Alas! It’s that time of the year when we all feel the pressure to give gifts and be merry. If you’re like me, sometimes that can feel like a tall order when you’re staring seasonal depression in the face, not to mention that inflation is making everything feel a little further out of financial reach. For me, this feels like a year for homemade gifts, which is my favorite type of gift to give and receive, so I’ve got a few ideas to share below.

Custom Playlists

Shout out to the old days when we would burn our friends CD’s and adorn the disk with Sharpie doodles. Since CD drives are hard to come by these days, you can still express your musical affection for someone with a playlist! Make a 10 song custom playlist for one individual, tailored to their personal tastes or perhaps a memory you share. Deliver it with a thoughtful handmade card, adorned with Sharpie doodles, and print a QR code for them to easily access the playlist. Alternatively, you can make this a crowd-pleaser and share a playlist with your favorite songs of the year with all your holiday card recipients. 

Handrolled Spliffs

Nothing says “I appreciate our friendship” like knowing your friend’s weed preferences. For your canna-friendly acquaintances, pick out their favorite strain to pair with an herbal smoking blend and roll up some fancy Spliffs. Take it to the next level, pick out your favorite decorative rolling papers (freshen up your rolling skills here) and make these handrolls as festive as the season. These make great host gifts, party favors or additions to a holiday treat box!

Repurposed Gift Packaging

Back in the day when every home subscribed to the local newspaper, it wasn’t atypical to receive a gift or two wrapped in last week’s Sunday Funnies. Instead of buying one-time use gift wrap or gift bags, consider repurposing materials that you already have on hand. 

  • Spray paint your shoe boxes and fill them with shredded newspaper crinkles for a DIY gift box. 
  • Cut pages out of those fancy magazines that you’ve been hoarding for 7 years and use them to wrap small gifts, don’t forget to add a ribbon! 
  • Use your leftover yarn from that knitting project you just finished (#cottagecore) to create little bows and ribbons for your gifts. 
  • Repurpose (wash, iron + repair) old tote bags that you never use as gift bags or treat baskets for your neighbors. 

Infused Holiday Treats

IMHO, food is the best part of the holiday season. Whether it’s gathering around a table full of roasted foods and pies, or baking up batches of cookies for the neighbors, edibles of all shapes and sizes are a universal crowd pleaser. If you’re looking to infuse a little holiday magic into your treats this year, whip up a batch of infused butter/coconut oil (here’s an easy recipe) and make one or all of the following:

  • Ouid infused chili or garlic oil. Have fun with it and create your own labels for the mason jars and a recipe suggestion that includes your gift as an ingredient. 
  • Substitute the butter or oil in your favorite holiday cookie recipe 1:1 with the weed infused version. Make sure to label your gift baskets visibly so that Santa doesn’t accidentally get too high on his sleigh! 
  • Curate a disassembled cocktail kit with homemade cannabis infused bitters and fresh garnish ingredients! This is a great host gift for the holiday parties and a  

Ok, this one is not edible but you can use any leftover infused coconut oil you’ve made to whip up some, literal, whipped coconut oil body butter for yourself or as a gift. Infuse again with lavender or simply drop in some essential oils when melted for a calming fragrance.