How to Host an Infused Dinner Party

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The Etiquette of Serving Infused Goods This Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. A wonderful time to gather your loved ones (and perhaps the ones you simply tolerate) and throw a fête, a celebration. And while it’s common to serve all types of cocktails and drinks at these events, we’re certain alcohol is just not agreeable to all types of bodies. Not to mention, there are probably at least three people on your guest list who become borderline problematic after a few drinks, and you just want to avoid that scene altogether. So, allow us to bring forth an alternative: cannabis-infused dinner parties. That is a dinner party where some, not all, foods are infused with weed. From drinks to meals, and desserts, you can serve an assortment of foods intended to elevate the guests. While your mind is probably going ding ding ding ding yes, I want to do this, it should be noted that there are several precautions to take as a host. Just like at a regular alcohol-infused soirée, the host always has to keep a level of consciousness around the guests in case things go haywire (which they won’t, if you follow our steps). So to ensure a smooth infused dinner party, follow these tips and tricks to perfect the etiquette of serving infused goods. 

1. First and foremost, make sure everyone knows what they are stepping into 

It is vital that it is loud and clear what your intentions are with this party. To avoid any mixing of medications, leave alcohol off the table altogether, and state on your invitation that this is a cannabis-infused dinner party. Perhaps a “leave your kids at home” memo will be handy as well. Include a section in the invitation allowing people to reach out with questions as we are sure there will be many. We recommend making it clear that they should not bring their own stash. You want to be able to control the environment and be the one to provide controlled doses at your event. 

2. Label all infused goods properly

Once at the party, make sure to label all of your infused goods! And we don’t just mean a sticker that says “contains THC” or “free of THC”, get into the nitty-gritty details. Labels should include the potency in mg that each ingestible has (1 full cup = approximately 10mg THC), as well as the strain name. Alongside the dosage, add a cheeky sentence on how long it can take to feel the effects once ingested, and the effects of the specific strain. Include all of this information on a sweet little card, and make sure you place it right next to the infused food/beverage so that there is no confusion about which item it refers to. 

3. Keep infused foods separate from non-infused foods

Of course, not all foods will be infused foods (oh what a party that would be…). Best practice is to keep infused and non-infused foods completely separate. We’re talking different tables in different rooms, if possible. Make sure you are serving non-infused foods that simply hit the spot when you’ve got the munchies. These should also help sober up a person in case they get in too deep. Keep in mind, some effects won’t kick in until ~1-2 hours after ingestion, so be mindful about when you want people to leave and taper your infused offerings accordingly. 

4. Have fun, make a scene about your creations

It’s a party after all! Walk your guests through your gorgeous creations like it’s a museum. Get them excited about what they are about to partake in. Make sure they can visually consume these goods before ever getting a taste. Perhaps talk people through the recipes, and expectations, and explain why the courses are coming out in a certain order. Next, prepare thoughtful spaces (conversation, comfy seating, designated smoking space that also has the party vibes). As a backup, it’s always safe to prepare simple party games (but don’t force this on your guests). The best games are often the ones that pick up momentum organically! And of course, blast our good vibes playlist!

5. Have a backup plan

Yup, there goes Becky, getting too high again. Make sure you have a backup plan ready for situations like this. Perhaps prepare a cozy “time-out” room that people can retreat to if they need a beat. Remember that lemon water and CBD drops are your friends here. Make sure everyone can feel extremely safe and comfortable in your space! 


Beverages: Start the party off with low-dose THC cocktails (like 2mg per serving). Maybe bring out something a little stronger during dinner. We’ve got a list of custom infused beverage recipes to check out here!

Appetizers: Start with something light and fun, like infused caramel popcorn or an infused whipped butter board.

Dinner: Infuse the accessories (sauces, dressings, spreads, etc) so that people can eat their fill of the main course while customizing how much or little they want to indulge in the infused part. 

 1:1  CBD:THC infused hot sauce, infused honey, and infused oils are great ways to control dosages and consume mindfully. 

Dessert: offer two options of infused goods. One higher potency treat for those who want to keep leaning into the evening and a CBD infused option for those who need a little balancing out of their buzz. 

2 options: 

  1. THC Brownies (who doesn’t love the classic)
  2. Homemade un-infused ice cream with an optional CBD infused caramel sauce (which, for the wise party guest, can all be combined for the most excellent stoner desert) 
  3. Offer a selection of cacao infused blunts (which by the way, also make for a great take-home gift)

Take-home gift: CBN infused truffle to help your guests settle into sleep when they get home.