Fine Tunes: Period Daze

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Period Daze is our product love child with our favorite tincture brand, Xula Herbals. To celebrate the arrival of our upcoming product, this collaborative playlist is here to ease the bleed. We selected each track to reflect the many and sometimes contradicting moments during our period days. 

Pulled from fire femme and queer artists which express multidimensional aspects of mind and body through their shifting genres of music.  From menstruation to PMS to menopause, this mix is dedicated to humans with wombs. Period Daze is a multi-genre mix to boogie down to while you ride those mood swings, mosh the rage away, and cultivate self-love for every bit of your achy, cramped up, amazing, beautiful body. 


Xula Herbals are centered on people with wombs. Blending cannabinoid science with botanical abundance, their products support the uterus, people who have cramps, people who go through hormonal imbalances, and folks that go through menopause.