The 30-Day Cannabinoid Cleanse Challenge

BARBARI Thoughts

A Weed-Free Way To Reset Your Mind and Body

Are you feeling a little burnt out on weed? Is your high not hitting quite like it used to? Or perhaps you just want to give yourself a reset. Don’t get us wrong, we love cannabis and its benefits, but too much of a good thing can create an imbalance that displays in each of us differently. We’re pressing pause on our THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and all our other favorite cannabinoids for 30 days to rebalance our bodies and minds. 


A few weeks ago, the apps on my smart TV began to malfunction. Google recommended that I reset the TV by doing a series of steps on the remote and then unplugging and replugging the TV. Just like that, the apps started working again with no more issues. Like my TV, our minds and bodies can malfunction. Our internal signals get crossed, and we can feel stuck on an unhealthy loop or burn out. The goal of a cleanse is to reset your mind/body by unplugging from the systems that might be causing you some sense of dis-ease. Our endocannabinoid systems love cannabinoids. Thanks to our ECS, cannabinoids can help eat, sleep, rest, and restore. Creatively and energetically, it can both expand consciousness and fuel productivity. However, like any system, if overworked it can begin to malfunction. In the case of cannabinoids, the more frequently you consume cannabinoids, the more and more your body needs to attain your level of peak performance. As we learned in the Traditional Chinese Medicine blog post, when one element is out of balance, it can cause a ripple effect of imbalance to other systems of your body and health. By thoroughly cleansing cannabinoids, we allow our ECS time to recalibrate back to its baseline. If you consume cannabis multiple times a day, it can take up to 30 days for cannabis to remain in our system. Therefore, for this cleanse we recommend a 30-day cleanse for optimal reset results. 

WEEK 1: Set Up For Success 

For regular consumers like myself, this first week is the most challenging. It’s when you’re hyper-focused on what you’re not doing (using cannabis). Here are some tips to get you through week 1 of your cannabinoid cleanse. 

  • Ditch the stash: give it to a friend or stranger (please make sure they are an adult) to remove all temptation from your home. 
  • Clean your cannabis corner: if you’re a regular consumer, you likely have a stash drawer or area where you keep your weedy items. Take this week to give your pipes, bongs, dab rigs, stash drawer, etc a good cleaning. Energetically, clean spaces can be an accelerant to a renewed mindset. This also incentivizes your brain’s rewards drive by giving you something to look forward to using at the end of your cleanse. 

WEEK 2: Find A Cannabis Replacement With Botanicals

Take some time to prepare non-cannabinoid alternatives to replace your cannabis habit with. For example, I typically take a post-lunch smoke break. For the cleanse, I’ve rolled myself one week’s worth of 100% botanical prerolls at a time with Barbari’s Smoking Blends so that I have them ready to use on any smoke break. Maintaining the ritual of the smoke break is something that I didn’t want to remove altogether, so switching it with non-cannabinoid-based products helps me to keep the ritual during my cleanse.  

Is smoking not your thing? No matter your consumption form, botanicals can mildly mirror some of the stimulating or relaxing effects that you were using cannabis for. So if it’s tea, using herbs in a vaporizer, or smoking, I invite you to explore how different types of botanicals can fit into your cannabis replacement methods. 

WEEK 3: Mindfulness Reflection

Meditation has long been shown to support a healthy mental and physical homeostasis. During your cleanse, you may have moments of intense cravings or possibly even cannabinoid withdrawal. Should you find yourself feeling irritable, uneasy, fatigued, or anxious, I recommend the following meditation tips to smooth any mental or emotional friction you might be feeling. These are all things you can do anywhere and anytime you need. 

  • Finger Exercise: You’ll do this exercise with both hands at the same time. Start by gently pressing the pads of your thumb and pointer finger together. Count backward from ten, and with each count, press the next fingertip against your thumb. The pattern goes like this: pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky finger. Repeat as many times as you need until you feel a greater sense of calm than before. Be sure to be mindful of your breath throughout this exercise. Focus on feeling your breath move through your body, in and out.
  • Body scan: a body scan is a common practice in meditation. It’s the process of mentally scanning your body, taking a moment to isolate and observe how every part of you feels. Starting with your toes and moving all the way to the crown of your head and hair. Bringing your attention back to your body can often distract you from when you feel too “in your head”. When I’m doing a body scan, these are some of the questions I ask myself: 
    • What does this part of me feel like? 
    • Do I notice a connection with something else? For example, how each toe might feel against the ground, how my clothes feel on my body, etc. 
    • Do I notice any pain, tension, dis-ease, aches, or pains? 
    • Can I feel or notice any of my internal organs or muscles? Lungs, heartbeat, muscle or joint movements, etc.

WEEK 4: Habit Reflection  

During this last week, I invite you to write down and reflect upon how you were using cannabinoids in your daily life. Cannabis and other botanicals can serve us greatly in our lives, and when used mindfully can be a powerful tool for us. The purpose of this is to think objectively about the habits you create for your own well-being and self-preservation and self-care. 

Here is some journal prompts to get you started: 

  • How and when were you using cannabinoids before starting the cleanse? 
  • Why were you using cannabinoids before starting the cleanse? 
  • Did you notice your cannabinoid use change over time before starting the cleanse? 
  • Once you started the cleanse, how did you feel in your body each week? 
  • Did you notice any physical or mental changes throughout the cleanse? 
  • How did you replace cannabinoids? Perhaps with other substances or new habits or hobbies? 
  • What are your takeaways and insights from the cleanse? 
  • Did you learn new things about yourself with cannabinoid sobriety, or meet past versions of yourself you may have been suppressing with cannabinoids?
  • How will you reintegrate cannabinoids into your life? 
  • Has your mindset towards cannabinoids shifted during the cleanse?  

We wish you all the very best on your canna-cleanse journey! Be sure to follow on Instagram to follow along with our own cannabinoid cleanse experience.