What You’ll Need for August Stargazing

BARBARI Thoughts

Stargazing 101

Hot summer nights are perfect for grabbing a few essentials, and gazing up at the stars. With the Perseid Meteor Shower (July 14th – September 1st), full sturgeon moon (August 11th), and Saturn shining its brightest whilst being closest to earth since 2020 on August 14th, there’s a lot to gaze at. 

Pro tip: unfortunately, the brightness of the full moon will dim the falling stars of the Perseid Meteor shower during its peak, but you can still catch glimpses of it in the first two weeks of August. 

What’s In Your Stargazing Kit

Weed: Cerebral strain + Free Time Herbal Blend

Stargazing invites us to expand our sights and perspectives beyond the bounds of this galaxy, and is paired best with a heady, thought provoking strain. When mixed with Free Time, your mind and body will feel as weightless as an extra terrestrial floating around in zero gravity. 

Music: Celestial Bodies Playlist

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t give you a musical vibe to set the mood for your stargazing adventures. This psychedelic, celestial playlist matches your mood with out-of-this-world musical montage. 

Comfort: Blanket for Cozies

No matter if you’re on the roof of a house or apartment building, a high point of a park, or somewhere remote, plan on being there for at least an hour or two (or all night if you feel like it). Regardless of where you are, you’ll want some cozy items to make yourself comfortable. A blanket, maybe even a pillow, will give you a plush landing spot as you stare at the stars. 

Beverage: Bright Idea Tea

We couldn’t leave you without something to quench any potential thirst or dry mouth you may have. Our Bright Idea Tea gives you a gentle green tea buzz to keep you alert and awake while you search for Saturn’s rings. We recommend mixing up a thermos of our Bright Idea and bourbon cocktail to sip on while you gaze into the abyss. 

Buddy: Conversational Partner

This could be a best friend, new love interest, or even your own inner child, but the vastness of space invites us to expand our own consciousness and embrace the unknown. The weird, abstract, the new perspectives we can gain from an open heart and open minded conversations can be transformational. Sometimes talking through the bizarre with a confidant or yourself is just what’s needed to greet the new dawn with fresh eyes. 

Food: Your Favorite Snack Foods

Barbari cofounder, Valarie Sakota, recommends popcorn and cherries, but whatever your favorite portable snack foods are will do just fine. The right snacks make for perfect grazing and stargazing. A balance of salt and sweet will satiate any palate while you look for the face in the moon.