FINE TUNES: Celestial Bodies

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My whole life I’ve had a deep fascination with the stars and “outer space”. As a kid, my grandma would take me to the library every week and I would recheck-out the same book about stars and constellations each visit. 

In high school, my best friend and I would sneak out onto the rooftop of my grandparents house in the summers and pass a joint while we watched the stars glimmer, discussing big, philosophical topics and soaking in the vastness above us. In adulthood, summers always include regularly scheduled time around a campfire with good company, good music, and a treasure hunt in the night sky for a shooting star.

When I feel overwhelmed with my own life, I imagine “zooming out” of my earthly body and peering down from a celestial body to take in the earth from a broader perspective. Floating in dark empty space, looking ahead at The Blue Marble we call Earth, I find comfort in observing the cycles and systems that work together in harmony, catastrophe and regeneration. Through this meditation in perspective, the minor inconveniences and disappointments I’m holding onto evaporate away and I can find my center again.

For me, stargazing is self-care and one of my favorite activities. In preparation for the Perseid Meteor shower (happening August 11-13th) we put together a campy little stargazing playlist to enrich the airwaves for all who choose to look up into the sky and contemplate the vastness that lies beyond this orbiting rock we call home. 


Valarie Sakota is co-founder and chief creative of Barbari. Follow her on IG @valarie_______
(shot by Jules Davies for Gossamer magazine)