How to Make the Most Out of Traveling While High

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First and foremost, I’m privileged to be able to travel through America with cannabis (#freebrittneygriner). Now, while I can’t recommend you take this risk, through my travels I’ve developed the perfect travel kit for traveling with THC. Flying while high is one of my favorite things to do, but preparation is key when it comes to getting the most out of your high-altitude high. 

Editors’ disclaimer: When evaluating the risks of traveling with THC, please consider that federal law prohibits it. Naturally, we can’t condone you testing these methods … but we can vouch for them from personal experience. Other countries have their own cannabis regulations and cultural stances you should be aware of ahead of traveling, and we don’t condone, nor have we tested these methods for international travel. The risks you take from here on are your own. 



Once on a flight, I had just taken my seat when my edible began to kick in. Right on time. However, as it turned out, my flight was not. We sat on the tarmac for three hours in flight limbo. Since the aircraft wasn’t in the sky, or at the gate, simply sitting on the runway, the attendants were not able to move about the cabin or provide water. There I sat for hours, trying to manifest saliva for my dry mouth, super high, singularly focused that I was without access to water (a Pisces’ worst fear). It was a nightmare and a hard lesson learned. 

I’ve also learned to regulate my bathroom usage thanks to traveling with my own water supply. I’ve learned the limit of how much water I drink in flight to avoid the tiny plane bathrooms at all possible costs. 

The TSA does not mess around when it comes to bringing more than a few ounces of liquid past security, so be sure that your water bottle is EMPTY before you go through security. However, once you’re past security, many airports have water fountains or kind bartenders that will fill you up with ice-cold water that will soon quench that potential cottonmouth. 


I have two favorite travel edibles: gummies (either Wyld or Caminos) and infused caramels. My neighbor made me some infused Sugar Daddies (hard caramel candies for those not in the know). Learn more on traveling with edibles from our Traveling with THC blog post. I like the gummies because they are discrete, tasty, and easy to travel. However, the caramels are a real treat. I like to get a coffee and drop my infused caramel into the coffee. The candy simultaneously sweetens and infuses my drink, giving my traditional coffee/water slurry which is airline coffee, a serious upgrade. 


That last thing you want is to be really vibing with your thirty-thousand feet high, listening to your carefully curated playlist, and having your phone or headphones die mid-flight/mid-high. Bringing your own energy source can be as important as bringing your own water supply. It’s about being prepared! I keep all my charging cords and portable chargers bundled in a little bag together in my kit. This way the cords don’t octopus all over your travel kit. I hate being high and having to dig for things in my bag. It’s momentary chaos, and for traveling, I prefer the least amount of chaos as possible. 


Especially in today’s post-pandemic travel, my hand sanitizer is used approximately 50 times from departure to arrival. With the combination of over-hand-sanitizing, airport hand soap, schlepping my carry-on into the overhead compartment, and digging through my overstuffed backpack for whatever I might need mid-flight, my hands take a beating when I travel. I almost always chip a nail (hence the nail file). The high elevation and pressurized cabins can dehydrate you and your skin more than when earthside. Having the creature comforts of your favorite skin hydration can be just the thing you need to make you most at ease during your high-traveler flight. 


I love to journal when I’m flying high. Flying while high can bring on some beautiful insight, and perspective,  and expand my consciousness. Doodling, drawing, and free-writing while high in the sky strengthen that mind-body connection. Paired with noise-canceling headphones and an endless horizon ahead is one of my formulas to let my uninhibited thoughts flow. Some of my most inspiring and meditative thoughts have come from these moments. I like using small, paper-bound, line-free journals like the ones sold at one of my favorite Portland stationery stores, Rock Paper Scissors


It’s not uncommon for someone to feel emotional while flying, and I am definitely one of those people. More often than not, I cry at least once a flight. Whether completely absorbed in a heartwarming movie, deep in journal mode, or just letting my mind wander above the clouds, it’s not hard for my waterworks to get turned on mid-flight. Rather than use the tiny airline napkin or my sleeve, a handkerchief will serve those fellow criers well. If not just for the feeling of comfort from having a small piece of home to dry your eyes.