BARBARI Botanical 101, Thoughts


When we launched Barbari’s Herbal Smoking Blend in 2018, we created three effect based blends to support various types of moments in your day. A blend for creativity and focus, a blend for relaxation and sleep, and a blend for playful socialization. Take your favorite blend, add your preferred dose of hemp or cannabis (or serve it up a la carte), light up and enjoy! It’s been four years since our foundational offerings were created and now it’s time to welcome a new baby to the family!


Introducing Free Time Herbal Blend. Crafted to embellish those untethered mind-wandering moments when that to-do list is out of sight, out of mind. This bright and citrusy mixture of wormwood, lemon balm, calendula and raspberry leaf lends a weightless cerebral chill, bringing on a mild day dream of sorts. Check out the Free Time playlist to set the mood for your Free Time session.


(artemisia absinthium)

Most famously known as the hallucinogenic ingredient in Absinth, wormwood has been misunderstood for over a hundred years as a wildly intoxicating plant. Modern science has since debunked these alleged effects, making space for wormwood’s remedial benefits to finally shine. Wormwood may induce a potent calming or peaceful effect when smoked and a mild weightless sensation of the limbs. When ingested, it has been used to alleviate pain and inflammation.

(calendula officinalis)

This vibrant yellow flower petal gives the Free Time blend its signature punch of color and a mildly citrus flavor profile (along with Lemon Balm). Traditionally used for its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula is believed to contribute a calming, dreamy effect when smoked and may also be soothing on the throat. 

Lemon Balm
(melissa officinalis)

A member of the mint family, lemon balm offers a flavorful waft of citrus on the nose and tingle on the tongue. Historically, it has been used for many ailments and uses including for its memory enhancing, stress reducing and calming properties. 

Red raspberry Leaf
(rubus idaeus)

The unifying base of all our herbal smoking blends, Red raspberry leaf, offers a mildly sweet flavor profile and a thick smoke with a gentle throat-feel. Often used as a tobacco cessation herb because of its comparable body and absence of nicotine.