Pride Month Shopping Guide

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It’s PRIDE month! This month we celebrate queer identities, accomplishments, commemorate the Stonewall Riots and honor those in our communities that have lost their lives due to hateful stigmatization of their identities. It’s a month loaded with so much emotion, camaraderie, solidarity and love for one another. 

This might be the first in a few years where you will find yourself celebrating at in person events, or you might choose to keep things more intimate at home with close friends. However you choose to spend your month of June, we have compiled a small shopping guide of queer owned brands to help you celebrate the month with a little self-care and self-expression. 

Pour your morning beverage and enjoy some inspired quiet time flipping through Brunch Club Mag before starting the day’s adventures.  This independent print publication was created to exclusively platform the voices of trans + queer people of color who are highly under-valued + under-represented in media. Their latest issue is a double cover featuring Trans pop-star + activist, P1nkstar and Jeremy O. Harris, screenwriter of Zola + playwright of A Slave Play, making history as the most Tony-nominated play in history last year. This magazine is a beautifully designed 76 page printed artifact that focuses on the theme of Queer Futures. 

Speaking of that morning routine, maintain harmony and balance within the body with Xula. Xula aims to dignify, amplify, and revive menopausal bodies, trans bodies, differently-abled bodies, nonbinary bodies, and all bodies left out of our society’s gaze. If you’re not new here you know we are huge fans of this brand and for good reason, they offer botanical + hemp tinctures that are crafted to make the body feel its best, and they emphasize that directive with their tagline “Feel Yourself”.

No arguments here! Another great way to feel oneself is with a little playful intimacy. Whether engaging in a bit of self-pleasure or adding some toys into a rendezvou, award winning Cute Little Fuckers makes sex toys for all bodies and genders. Designed to be used in creative ways they are modeled after fantastical monsters bringing personality and play into your sexiest moments.  

Get ready for the parades and the parties with We Are Fluide,  a mission-driven beauty brand that creates vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. They believe that makeup is joyful and fun — as well as powerful and transformative — and nobody should be left out. 

Would you rather just stay out of the crowds and enjoy some quiet reflection in your sanctuary? Express yourself through the space you create and infuse some funky personality into your home with Object Lover. A queer & trans 3D printed design shop. Crafted with joy from plant-based plastics and ready to become a part of your home.

Whether you’re in the thick of the festivities or chilling quietly at home, there is always occasion for some decadent handmade Sway Blunts. Sway celebrates Black cannabis culture and honors the centuries old tradition of smoking hemp by perfecting the art of the smoking ritual. They’re queer women-owned and operated, with a social justice mission. With many packsize and form factor options, Sway is the perfect host-gift or go-to smoke for any kind of moment.

Since the days are getting longer and hotter, it’s only fitting to celebrate by a body of water. You’re going to want to stock up on some origami customs swimwear. Designed to fit ALL bodies, they do custom fittings for free to match your exact needs. Send every beautiful detail of your unique body and they’ll create a swimsuit just for you.

It just wouldn’t be a roundup of queer-owned brands without including Telfar. A fashion brand that doesn’t need much introduction, dress head-to-toe in their high-end designs and celebrate queer culture, love, fashion, and music all month long.

More from the fashion front, wear one of Official Rebrand’s “angels have no gender but lots of sex” tshirt to show up and show out. If graphic T’s aren’t really your style, literally everything else they design and create are just *chef’s kiss*.