Women Owned THC Gift Guide

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Rolling off the tail of Women’s History Month we enter Spring, the season of earthly abundance where all creatures emerge from hibernation to roll around in the lush green grass and soak in the sunshine. If you’re a grass loving human you’ve probably got the month of April, or more specifically April 20th, marked on your calendar with a set of tentative plans to celebrate (because we always go with the flow on 4/20). To help you prepare for the chillest green holiday this year, we’ve asked some friends and industry experts to help us compile a list of awesome women-owned weed companies so you can enjoy the magical female plant and support the magical women who work with it.  

Lauren Yoshiko
Cannabis Journalist

Astral Treats is a PDX edible company co-founded by a woman who straight up worked for NASA at one point. I really like their koooky, crunchy candy-coated gummies and how the brand embraces the weird, imaginative, space-adjacent interests of the average cannabis lover.

Moon Made Farms – Tina is a force of nature—literally, as a prominent, poetic voice in the push towards growing great heritage cannabis in sustainable, renewable ways under the sun (and moon). Her fire flower can be found in many of CA’s favorite pre-rolls and flower offerings.

Lisa Snyder
Tokeativity co-founder

KITES Prerolls: Co-owned by Joy Hudson and Marissa Rodriguez. These ladies source their flower from producers that share their values, making sure to share their profits with the communities disproportionately affected by the War On Drugs, and use all paper products in their packaging. They have raised over $10,000 for NuLeaf, a nonprofit that prioritizes funding for businesses 51%+ owned by Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o/x people.

Kind Leaf Dispensary in Pendleton:  co-owned by Erin Purchase. She healed her daughter from Cancer using cannabis and is now working hard to help other people in need through her dispensary, Kind Leaf Pendleton. Watch the video she recently recorded at our Tokeativity Social.

Extractioneering: a Luxury Biotech Cannabis Company in Oregon, owned by Razia Hayden who is also the Director of Marketing and Sales with Extractioneering, and Editor of Cured Magazine. She’s a bad ass BIPOC woman who has taken the Oregon oil market by storm! She does not sell THC yet but hopes to soon.

Eighty Seven: founded by Evelyn LaChapelle. Evelyn is the Community Engagement Manager for Last Prisoner Project and the Founder of 87 Months–In 2013, she was convicted on three charges related to her minor role in a marijuana distribution operation and sentenced to 87 months in prison. She had no prior record and in fact, had no indicators that she was a repeat offender. She has experienced the War on Drugs personally, her family has now experienced it, and her daughter was left without her mother because of it. 

Anja Charbonneau
Broccoli Magazine founder

Cosmic View: Run by a mother and daughter duo in California, Cosmic View is a brand for earth-lovers who respect the gifts of nature. Everything they make feels personal, from their artful packaging to their hand-formed cannabis honey sweets.

Junk by Leif Goods: Novelty is at the heart of Junk, whose line of cannabis confections includes pop rocks and chocolate-coated marshmallow bon-bons. Their colorful packaging and tasty treats are a real delight.

Jes Feur
Marketing & Communications Director at Etain

I ‘have a thing’ about color-coding my stash so I can keep track of what strains I’m using since oftentimes when you take flower out of a jar it becomes a mystery what it is. I use Sackville pre-roll cones because they come in a variety of colors so I know what’s what and I also use the Omura with House of Puff empty sticks that I pre-pack with different strains and do a little DIY by putting stickers on them to differentiate based on strain names (Etain Mezzo Mango = Orange, Etain White Berry = Red). We stock all of these products at Etain dispensaries alongside a variety of other women-owned brands. I’m a NY State Medical patient so I prefer to use Etain flower (of course) but the non-THC products we carry are available to all customers. 

Verena von Pfetten
Gossamer Co-Founder

Pure Beauty: Leave it to Pure Beauty to zig when everyone else is zagging. Amidst an influx of low-dose weed beverages in dinner party-appropriate vessels, the California-based flower brand dropped a 2-ounce cough syrup-inspired bottle of Concord grape juice infused with 100 mgs of live resin THC and called it Little Strong Drink (or LSD, for short.) A full bottle obviously packs a punch, but you can chart your own path (I like a quarter to a half-capful.) My most recent favorite is their minty-fresh menthol joints, featuring a hollow tree-pulp crutch infused with organic mint-derived menthol—a natural cough suppressant! So smooth, so fun.

Sonder: Weed is fun, and so I am extremely partial to brands that make it even moreso. Sonder’s Space Crystals are an instant hit with everyone—who doesn’t love pop rocks? Pop rocks that get you high? Even better. I highly recommend them as your next dinner party amuse bouche, or surprise gift for your favorite stoner friend. Their products really live up to the packaging.

Meryl Montgomery
Barbari Co-Founder

SugarTop Buddery: Owned by Anna Kaplan, SugarTop makes some of the best pre-rolls in the Oregon Market. She not only puts incredible care and both growing and procuring the best cannabis for her products, but she’s also able to remain innovative and nimble enough to thrive in the notoriously tough Oregon cannabis market. It’s no surprise that she’s maintained her position as one of the top 5 preroll companies over the last 4 years. As Barbari’s THC Herbal Spliff producer, we know firsthand Anna’s collaborative and community-based style of doing business, and she’s grown the SugarTop suite of products to include all spectrums THC potency to meet the consumer where they are. 

Saucy: Founder, Tess M. Taylor infuses classics from her grandfather’s homestyle cooking legacy into the California THC market with her infused BBQ sauces. What’s great about Saucy is that you can easily self-dose with a dip and eat style of consumption. Not to mention, I love trailblazers. Tess is the first to bring infused BBQ sauces to market, and I’m totally here for it. She’s innovating the infused condiment space, and is well on her way to being known as the go-to edible to bring to your next cookout. 

Hilary Yu
Our Dream Founder

Saucy’s infused BBQ Sauce and Mama T’s Hot Saucy: I know Meryl already included Saucy, but Tess also came out with a Hot Sauce. Think Valentina’s meets Crystal hot sauce… but better because it’s infused. 

Queen Mary: TIana created Queen Mary for women. As a multi-hyphenate mom herself, she knows the importance of maximizing efficiency as a Mom and Founder on-the-go herself, which is why she formulated the ‘Enchanted’ Strawberry Lemonade Gummies that are fast-acting with Rhodiola and B12 for a kick of energy and the Mood Struck Lavender Blueberry gummies that have CBN because winding down and being well-rested is just as important. 

Sundae School: What’s not to love about Sundae School? Their branding, products, and merch are always celebratory and fun with a nod to the culture, like their Lychee Dragon Mochi gummies and Boba gummies.