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The Ultimate List of Women owned cannabis brands to buy and subscribe To

Welcome to ✨March✨, or as we like to call it, that time of the year where we get to be loud and proud in celebrating all that is Woman. Yes, it’s National Women’s History Month! Many have paved the way for women to be where we are today, and while there is still quite some distance to go, let’s just take a beat from fighting the strong fight and celebrate the achievements so far. Hug yourselves, hug your mama’s, and hug your sisters. Good? Good. 

The cannabis industry started off quite strong when it comes to women in leadership positions. Yet, over the span of two years between 2019 and 2021, the number decreased from 36.8% to 29.8% women-owned. I mean, what the fridge?! As a women-owned cannabis business ourselves, this stings a bit to watch. And you know what? There are a number of factors that contributed to this decrease, but that is not what we want to focus on today. Today, we want to highlight the existing boss-ass businesses that are run by women, in the cannabis industry. Let’s shed some light and love on these phenomenal women who break every barrier to (quite literally) change the world.  So without further ado, click, follow, subscribe, and SHOP the following long list of women-owned cannabis businesses! 

As a little added bonus, we’ve partnered with some of these brands to give you 15% off their products! On all brands with a *STAR* next to them, you can use code BABS15 to get 15% off. Go Women!

Good Green Content


Gossamer is a look at the world—travel, design, art, culture, and food—through a green lens. They tell stories that channel the mindset of someone having their best high: interviews, features, photo essays, recommendations, and more. Volume 7 “Touch” is the most cuddle-worthy magazine we’ve ever encountered… 

Broccoli – Broccoli Report

Subscribe to Broccoli Mag’s Broccoli Report. A twice-weekly collection of cannabis news and analysis for creative cannabis entrepreneurs written by Oregon grown weed connoisseur and journalist, Lauren Yoshiko.

The High guide

Podcasts, blogs, and guides to learning more about your favorite potent plants. The High Guide goes beyond just your greens, but all entheogens and ways to consume safely.


Kitchen Toke is the definitive source of cooking with cannabis. The website and magazine cover cooking and entertaining seasonally with cannabis along with the chefs and individuals teaching how to use the plant as part of a regular health and wellness regimen. 

Chef Livvie Smalls

Cannabis chef, educator and winner of Netflix’s “Cooked With Cannabis” (and so much more!), Liv produces delicious infused dinners with a key focus on plant science and cannabinoid bioavailability. For our post-Covid virtual world, she has a kickass Patreon channel with recipes, cooking classes, and great educational content.



Known as the world’s best blunt makers, Sway makes hand-crafted hemp blunts that are a MUST have in everyone’s smoking rituals. Their signature Banana Leaf Thai Stick, with its subtle taste profile of sweet wood and hints of clove and spice, burns smooth and slow. 


Hey, that’s us. We make botanical blends to grind into your weed for a low-dose high, with each blend offering a different experience. They come as prerolls with hemp as well. 

High Desert Nectar

A daughter/dad owned outdoor hemp grow in gorgeous Bend, Oregon with a focus on organic and regenerative growing practices. High Desert Nectar grows some of the best hemp we’ve ever enjoyed and offers a selection of goods straight from the farm.

Mind & Body

Sweetbody Laboratories *

Sweetbody Laboratories crafts pain-relieving topical balms that massage and nourish your body. Mixing in other botanicals like arnica is exceptional for muscle recovery. 

Empower Body Care

Premium CBD products, including bath salts, topical oils, and lotions to complement your wellness routine. They carry a full line of CBD products, but if you’re in Oregon, be sure to look for their THC induced bath salts. As Bruce Lee once said, “be like water”, and these infused bath salts are the ultimate way to go from being 70% water to close to 95% at least. 


Kiskanu creates wellness products, from intimacy oils, botanical mists, and muscle rubs, all made from organic ingredients and sustainable practices. Their intimacy oils, by the way, have RAVING reviews from customers!


Do you sports? If you’re an athlete or work out on the regular, Mendi’s formulated CBD recovery line was made by and for athletes to bring the healing touch of CBD to your pre and post workout practices. Bonus! They have subscriptions so you never have to disrupt your workout regime.


Poplar is your modern drug store, offering the best selection of must-have CBD products. You can shop all the leading cannabis brands, including a bunch from this list, conveniently broken up by need such as sleep, sex, health, skin, etc.


Born in Mexico city, Xula fuses ancestral knowledge with modern scientific understanding to create their line of CBD wellness products. Barbari cofounder, Meryl Montgomery, uses the Xula Lights Out tincture nearly every night. Rest is the most important element to mental and physical health and recovery, so if you have trouble catching some ZZZ’s, this tincture is your new best friend. 

Rosebud CBD *

Crafting high quality CBD oils, bath soaks, and prerolls catered to specific wellness needs. Their customer favorite Double Strength CBD Oil is sure to make you feel a kick of calmness, with double the concentration of their signature original oil.

Make & Mary

Make & Mary is a beauty and wellness brand hyper-focused on using local and regional ingredients to craft their bath bombs, ointments, and teas. Their Natural Wonder Moisturizing Wand is a superb under-eye moisturizer infused with calendula, frankincense, and lavender.

Get Frigg

In an age of burnout, modern stressors take a huge toll on our skin and hair. Get Frigg formulates plant-based products intended to support emotional well-being while combating beauty concerns like flaky skin, hair thinning, and premature aging.  Their attuning face potion is sure to bring that youthful radiance back into your face by smoothing out texture and fading hyper-pigmentation.


Buy weed from women

A mantra and apparel brand prompting people to support the sisterhood and buy weed from women. You’ve probably even seen people carrying around their famous tote bags, but if you ask us, these Crewneck Sweaters easily take the crown. 

Allume *

A cannabis lifestyle and accessory brand for modern times, focusing on design, style, and high functionality. Their Botanique Reversible Robe is a satin dream for that luxe selfcare lifestyle that we love to indulge in when we smoke up. 

Eddie Parker Flower

Bags, stashboxes, and funky lighters for smokers who really live cannabis as a fashionable lifestyle. Looking for a statement piece? This Sandwich Stack Tabletop Lighter is sure to draw your guests our of the kitchen and into the parlor. 


The artistic weed kid magazine also offers fantastic merch offerings including funky blankets, socks, tote bags and more to stylize your life with. 

Edibles + Tinctures

Greater Goods *

Creating organic/vegan gummies, chocolates, marshmallows, and more delicious infused snacks. We are huge fans of every Greater Goods product we put in our mouths. You really can’t go wrong with anything they offer, but we love their CBD Chocolate Covered Oreos because CBD + Chocolate + Oreos is the equation to pure bliss in our opinion. If you’re lucky enough to live in Oregon, be sure to ask for the THC version of these chocolate cookie treats at your local dispensary. 

Grön CBD

All your favorite chocolatey snacks and drinks, but with an adult twist intended to calm the mind. Try their Nightcap Drinking Chocolate for a truly decadent evening ritual. 


A curated selection of essential foods infused with cannabis to celebrate their heritage. The Emerald Cup award winning Dream Honey contains a balancing ratio of CBN and CBD. Enjoy in a cup of bedtime tea for a wonderfully restful night. 


A plant-based, non-alcoholic spirit that calms and uplifts, without the negative effects of alcohol. Designed to replicate the ritual of drinking a spirit, this herbaceous, citrus flavor profile has notes of yuzu, rosemary, basil, cucumber and dandelion. With 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp per serving, it offers a calming and uplifting effect without the negative effects of alcohol.

Home Goods 


A modern smoking accessory brand focused on breaking the stigma around the plant. In addition to all the beautifully designed smokeware, we are obsessed with their newest offering, the ceramic Cloud Grinder (also available in silicon). A perfect accessory for grinding all of your favorite herbs. 


Ceramic pipes that deliver a powerful smoking experience for the aesthetically inclined. Stonedware pipes are glazed with an array of gorgeous tones, which is guaranteed to give you a dose of color therapy.

024 Candles *

024 scented candles are designed to transform your space into a luxurious experience, and are specially formulated with scent-tech to reduce the cannabis smell. Enjoy the final days of Winter with the Incense & Pepper candle, which is sure to fill your space with a warm, spicy musk. 

Laundry Day

A design forward smokeware and accessories company, helping to redefine outdated expectations, and cater to modern voices. Their gorgeous Milky Tanjun Pipe is so much fun to smoke out of and has a bonus function as an incense holder. 


Apothecarry is an Indo-Lifestyle brand designs and sells high quality, high end herb & tobacco accouterments for the discriminating connoisseur. Keep your weed safe and fresh in a treasure chest fit for a Queen. Wanna take the show on the road? There’s a travel case for that…

Elevate Jane

Elevate Jane is a contemporary smoke shop, a curation of modern functional art: pipes, glass holders, and one-of-a-kind vintage smoking accessory sets. The most gorgeous and funky assortment of unique pieces for your smoking kit, it’s impossible to pick just one. Our co-founder, Valarie, recently gave herself this amazing Wake + Bacon Bubbler as a postpartum self care gift. It’s impossible not to feel jolly when you catch a glimpse of those egg-yolk eyes and bacon smile. 

House of Puff

House of Puff designs approachable, sophisticated puff ware made up of curated objects you can be proud of. Their Barrow Street Herb Bowl is a gorgeous and functional rolling tray and herb display vessel. 

Levo Oil*

Levo Oil sells kits and machines that allow you to infuse your own ingredients at home. You can also get a selection of infusing oils, baking kits and super festive edible glitters, which, if you ask us, should be a staple in all pantries. Try out their latest Levo II machine to make oils, butters, or honeys to cook with!

*Levo Oil offers 10% with BABS10