How To Roll A Blunt like a Professional

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The Art of Rolling a Blunt: A Step by Step Guide From the Blunt Expert

I don’t know what’s more satisfying to me when smoking a blunt: the inhale or exhale. Blunts are smooth, and have rich flavor profiles that lift my senses with a palpable euphoria. Whether it’s rolled with some sticky Good-good that goes straight to the dome, or it’s a mild high, or even a hemp blunt to calm my nerves and reset, the ritual of smoking a blunt is a very pleasing and therapeutic experience. The act of rolling of the blunt can be a meditative ritual as well. With all the options from what tip or crutch you use to what you’re smoking to what you want to wrap it in, a blunt can be many things. What makes a blunt truly a blunt is the slow burn, and the love and intention you put into it. This is my process: 

Step 1: Prepare The Ingredients

First, provisions. You’ll of course want to have some bud available. Then there’s the wrap. My go-to is a tasty hemp wrap. Traditionally, blunts have been rolled in tobacco leaves, and that may be your jam. But these days, there are tons of hemp-based options on the market that mimic the rich, slow burn of a tobacco leaf, as well as any kind of fruity flavor you are attracted to. If you haven’t explored these options, I recommend you check out your local smoke shop (and please buy organic). While there, you may check out different tip and crutch options to avoid scooby snacks (little weed crumbs flying into your mouth)–but you can always go without, like a G. 

What you’ll need:

  • Cannabis and/or botanicals of your choice
  • Organic hemp or tobacco wrap
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Tip or crutch option (optional)

Step 2: Set Intentions

The art of rolling a blunt takes time and patience. So especially if you’re just learning, it’s a good idea to get grounded and set an intention before getting started. I like to check in with myself and ask myself what I need right now. The flower I choose will reflect what I’m doing after I smoke it, but this is a moment for me to acknowledge this act as an offering to myself. I take a deep breath, do a body scan, get comfortable and invite myself to be present. 

Step 3: Time To Get Rolling

  • Next, I smell my flower, admiring its beauty, its smells, its colors, and then I break it up by hand. The coarser the flower, the slower the burn. But you can use a grinder if you prefer not to get your hands all sticky. 
  • Now I’m checking in with my paper to make sure it’s ready and it’s fresh. I want to make sure it’s moist and won’t break. This is where I get excited. 
  • The next step is to take my flower and delicately pour it into the wrap, evenly distributing it using the length of my index finger, and leave about a half inch of room on one end. I take my time with this process. Holding it like a taco, I use my thumbs to drag down the edge that’s pointed toward me, rolling it back and forth and moving my thumb tips around to get it into a little log. Then I tuck the edge closest to me in to roll up the blunt. 
  • The final step is the sexy part – to seal the blunt I take a deep breath, lick my lips, and then dampen the inside of the wrap edge that’s still exposed with my tongue, and continue to roll it up with my thumbs to complete the roll. 
  • Once it’s sealed, I move a flame quickly up and down its length to burn off any extra moisture. It’s important to not burn the blunt yet, but you just want to gently toast the outside of the blunt. 

Step 4: Get Into Your Comfortable Spot

And boom there it is, in its beauty, its thickness, its tight roll. I like to smoke my blunt in a place where I feel safe. I love walks and parks, but where I chill most is my home. I light it up, and as I exhale, I enjoy the way time slows down. I savor the taste, feel the smoke filling my lungs, observe the way the smoke unfurls and dances around. 

If you go through this process and your blunt isn’t perfect, be patient with yourself and give yourself time to perfect the art for you. At Sway, I have a much more technical process, (which does not involve spitting on the blunt). Still, I always tell my teammates that not all blunts are the same. Each one I roll has its own story from beginning to end. We also sell roll up shells of our favorite wrap which you can purchase directly from the Sway website here if you’d rather pour it in then roll it up.

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Melody Wright moved to Portland, Oregon six years ago from L.A. with a background in nursing and healthcare. Now specializing in cannabis and hemp, their focus is on building community with other BIPOC and queer people in cannabis and running Sway with their wife Sonia Fay. Sway is a Black and queer-owned purveyor of fine hemp blunts, and will be launching their first THC blunt this year.