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The best cigarette substitutes

This is it. This year, you’re going to quit tobacco for the last time. In case you need to hear this, be patient and gentle with yourself my loves. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that once it takes over, it’s hard to wean away from. Quitting it might not happen overnight, and a few simple tobacco replacement strategies could be your ticket to a cigarette free life. Rather than quitting smoking altogether, we recommend swapping out harmful substances with non-addictive replacements. There are an abundance of smokable herbs to roll either with your tobacco or completely without and help your body slowly move away from nicotine while still satisfying the urge to smoke something. And as a little added benefit, each of these herbs have their own effects on the mind and body, so you can alter the experience to your liking with each smoke. Keep reading to learn which botanicals to smoke in place of tobacco. 

Hemp Prerolls

Looking for the convenience of a cigarette along with the benefits of CBD + other botanicals? Swapping your pack of cigs for a pre-rolled hemp herbal spliff is an easy transition away from nicotine and into a cigarette free life. With our subscription offerings, you can remain committed to your cigarette-free life all year long.  

Raspberry leaf

The most commonly smoked and known tobacco replacement is raspberry leaf due to its similar consistency in burn and smoke. It’s even packed with vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, so smoking you can tell yourself you’re just giving yourself an extra boost of your daily vitamins. 


Did you know that this beloved herb commonly used in perfumes, ointments, and candles can be smoked too? It not only tastes delicious, but provides the added benefits of relaxation and calmness when inhaled. Particularly if you suffer from withdrawal symptoms, adding a little lavender to your spliff can help calm your nervous system.


If your cigarette of choice is menthol, then replacing it with peppermint will deliver that same minty experience to your smoke sessions. This particular herb also happens to be one of the most commonly used herbs in ancient medicine in helping bring your overall state of irritability to a calm headspace. 

Lion’s Tail

Get a mild dosage of euphoric glow by smoking some Lion’s Tail. This uplifting herb is also a common tobacco replacement. When smoked, it gives a warm toasty flavor. If you’re looking for an herb to bring out your reckless impulses, then this one’s for you. 

Blue Lotus

This mildly psychoactive plant has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine to treat insomnia and relieve anxiety. When smoked, it acts as a dopamine agonist, helping you curve that stressful need to consume nicotine. 

Barbari’s Best Tobacco Replacements:

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