Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Lovers

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*Deep inhale* ahhhhh love is in the air. Or is that… the lavender and rose I just burned as incense… who knows. Either way, February marks the month of love, romance, meaningless soirees and self appreciation. Wherever you stand in that list, it’s a great season to warm up our frostbitten winter bodies and spark a little heat in our hearts. This year, much like the last, and the one before that… we are most definitely deserving some deep tender love and care. Partner or no partner, we hope you create a moment for yourself this month where you shower your mind, body, and soul with pure love. Giving love can be just as rewarding as receiving, so reach for your favorite humans and furry friends and make them feel warm. We’re here to help you choose the product of pleasure to help you achieve love, be it in the form of pleasure or emotional well being. 

Barbari X Sway CBD Blue Lotus Blunt

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Sway to give you a Barbari twist on the classic gift of chocolate and flowers. This one of a kind, limited time only Barbari X Sway CBD Blue Lotus Blunt contains 2g of CBD rich hemp rolled up with a matte and cacao infused hemp wrap, and hugged in a blanket of blue lotus. Blue lotus dates back to ancient Egyptian times when it was used as an aphrodisiac for sexy Egyptian nights. A kiss of cacao is left on your lips after smoking, a tasty treat for you or anyone lucky enough to get a kiss from you. We’ve got a limited number of these treats, so find this Barbari X Sway collab on our site for a limited time only!

Lora DiCarlo’s Bullet Vibrator

Get to know your G spot better with this vibrator from Loradicarlo. A great gift for yourself, a friend, or your partner, it’s really something for everyone (because who would EVER say no to a vibrator?) Give the gift of sweet release because lord knows we all need it!

Play Bouquet by BARBARI

Bring out your reckless impulses with this mix of Car Sex and Hemp. You’ll find a balanced blend of euphoric Lion’s Tail blossoms and white sage tailor-made for risqué reveries and rowdier nights in this botanical mixture, ideal for you and your lover. 

Yewyew Shop’s Sunset Bong

Treat yourself or your person this season with Yewyew Shop’s stunning sunset bong. We’re sure we’re not the only ones when we say we never felt more in love or deeply connected with someone/ourselves when we’re hitting a bong. The fact that this gorgeous baby is made out of glass also ensures a clean smoking experience, with minimal cleaning up at the end. 

The Ubud Perfume

Gifting perfume is always a sweet gesture. So much of love begins with just the right scent. It can impact your whole mood and downright make someone fall in love. And for anyone that’s ever been to Ubud, this scent is sure to transport you back to glorious, tropical, heated days under the striking sunsets. 

CBD Chocolate Snacks by Grön

A little birdie told me that Grön CBD chocolates are one of the best, and for Valentine’s day, we all deserve the best. Chocolates obviously have to be a part of your Vday plans so why not make it CBD for those added calming benefits? 

Forbidden Fruit Candle by 024

As a proud owner of this exact candle, I can confirm this deliciously smelling candle is about to set the vibe and heat up a room for some *activities*. Made with black currant buds, rose petals, and fresh cardamom, whoever is lucky enough to be gifted this candle is going to have an amazing smelling room. 

Dried Flower Arrangement by Rook and Rose

Dried flower arrangements are actually the best trend to pop off in 2021. Who really has the time to clean up polen 24-7 and awkwardly stand by as live flowers begin to wither away. These arrangements will last a lifetime (like your love!).