How to Smoke Weed for The First Time

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We recently tapped into our community and asked: If you could give a first time smoker one piece of advice, what would it be? While there were many great answers, the overarching recommendation seemed to be the same: start with a low dose and get comfortable! Getting that first high can be a life changing experience, and we’re so glad you’ve clicked on this blog to let us guide you through it! Know that there is no “wrong” way to enjoy your first smoke, but considering you’ve landed on this blog you probably aren’t looking to accept a suspicious joint at some frat house party (although there’s nothing wrong with that either!). It’s common for people to not feel any effects the first time they consume cannabis, but try and refrain from smoking more and more to feel something. Your body will catch up after the second or third session so don’t worry! So without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to get you set up for your first smoke and pop that cannabis cherry. 

1. Be In a Comfortable Space

Be in an environment that you feel most comfortable in. That includes the people that are in the room with you. Allow your mind and body to feel like it can be relaxed and safe. A good high starts with a clear mind. Pro tip from a follower: Avoid getting high for the first time on a date! Trying to impress someone won’t go well. 

2. Take it slow 

Back to our point about NOT taking hit after hit if it’s your first time. Take one hit and see how your body reacts to it. Inhaling cannabis is the quickest way to feel its effects so you can expect to gauge your body’s reaction pretty soon. When you feel ready, take a second hit. Stop after three if it’s your first time and allow some time to pass for you to really ease into this new feeling.

3. Listen to Your Favorite Jams

A good high sits in your mind, therefore allowing your headspace to feel supported and caressed can make a huge difference in how you react to weed. Play some of your favorite music as it will help your mind feel comfort in the familiarity. 

4. Mix with other herbs for a mild high instead

There are plenty of smokable herbs you can mix your weed with that will dampen the effects of cannabis. If you’re uncertain how you will react and want to ease into a high, we recommend starting with a small dosage of weed and mixing it with effect based herbal blends. But don’t just take some random dried lavender! Make sure you are sourcing from safe, organic and tested herbs. You can find our line of smokable herbs here

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