How To Drink Your Weed

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Baby, it’s cold outside and the start of the new year often brings a fresh start full of resolutions, intention setting and a little post holiday detox. For those of us looking to wean out the comfort foods and alcohol intake but continue riding the wave of holiday cheer, taking a “dry January” is a great approach. A great alternative to that morning splash of Kahlua in your coffee or that hot buttered rum at night is a cannabinoid infused beverage for a different kind of buzz.

What Is Dry January?

Simply put, Dry January is a month without alcohol. The holiday season brings about two months of holiday parties, weekend ski trips, and cabin fever, which means many opportunities to mix up fun winter cocktails. You may choose to participate in Dry January for any number of reasons, and to help you maintain your momentum we’ve got a few recommendations of our favorite booze-alternatives for sipping this January.

Difference in bioavailability between edibles and drinkables

When you smoke a joint, the cannabinoids are absorbed rapidly through your lungs into your bloodstream. The effects come on quickly but don’t last as long as ingesting your cannabinoids. With that said, not all edibles are created equal. When you “eat” your infused treats, they tend to activate between 45m – 2 hours and have a fairly low “bioavailability” compared to sublinguals and beverages. Alternatively, drinkable infusions and tinctures are commonly activated much more quickly into the body’s circulatory system due to the rapid absorption of the mouth tissue. 


To infuse your morning with a creative kickstart make your own THC infused coconut oil for that bulletproof coffee. Pay close attention to the potency and consider taking half of your preferred dosage. That way, you can enjoy a second cup and prolong the buzz.

For our tea drinkers, or those looking for a CBD influence, try a full-spectrum hemp infused Chai or Green tea. Both teas contain adaptogenic and antioxidant ingredients to clear those mental cobwebs and keep the mind right. A gentle dose of full-spectrum CBD signals your body to focus and find balance.


Create a smokey CBD mocktail to kick off the afternoon happy hour or drop some cannabis tincture into your favorite evening bevvy! Check out this infused Holiday Punch by cannabis chef Livvie Smalls (be sure to omit the rum for Dry January). 

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