Fine Tunes: 1-800-POWR

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This month’s playlist was inspired by Kehlani’s “Altar”. Both Barbari cofounders had very different but meaningful experiences while listening to this song. It had the ability to call in the support and encouragement from those that love us near and far – in this realm and others – when we were needing and asking for that support.  It got us thinking, what other songs have the ability to connect us with a greater power? Whether that power is spiritual, internal, external, physical,  metaphysical, known, or unknown, music can be a bridge to that power within ourselves. This playlist is a love letter to our ancestors, those whose strength, sacrifice, love, and legacy has lead us to where we are today. Their story is apart of ours. For us, this playlist is a collection of songs that honors and connects us to those that give us power and peace. A hotline to harness the energy of our ancestors to move through 2022 with fervor, grace, and empathy