Witchy Ritual Guide to Reset for the New Year

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2022 starts off strong so you should too!

Step 1: Sage and Cleanse Your Home

Kicking off both a new year and a new month on January 1st, this is the perfect time to sage your house of any old 2021 energy that no longer serves you, or ‘t working directly in your favor. The best way to do that is by cleansing your home with sage. I recommend rolling a spliff using Barbari’s airplane mode mix with sage in it. Light up and walk through your house, room to room puffing on your spliff and cleansing your space of any negative energy.

Make sure you crack open a window or door slightly so that energy that you don’t want has somewhere to escape.

Step 2: Welcome the Energy You Want to Attract

The first day of the month is also a great time to welcome in abundance for the new month.

One way to welcome this energy into your home is by standing at your front door with cinnamon in your right hand and imagining prosperity, money and good fortune coming through that door. Next, blow the cinnamon through the doorway into the front door. This welcomes abundance into your home after clearing out that unwanted energy. (Leave it for one day/24hrs before cleaning it up.)

Cinnamon attracts money and is representative of prosperity, protection and fortune. Cinnamon has been used in various rituals and practices going back as far as ancient Egypt.

From the first day of the new year we roll right into a Capricorn super New Moon on January 2nd! The Capricorn energy will have you wanting to take your finances and business matters by the horns! 

3. Call Upon You The Power Of The Moon

The moon will be close to the earth giving us so much of its energy, and this is the time to take full advantage! The new moon is when you set intentions and start manifestations that you want to see come to fruition by the summer solstice (or 6 months from now).

To harness this new moon’s manifest energy, you will want to make a list of things you want to do, see, accomplish, feel and have in this new year. Once your list is done, sit with it, meditate, and think about how it will feel emotionally and physically when those items come to fruition.

For example, if you were to manifest a new home, start imagining what it would feel like to wake up every day in that space. Imagine making yourself a cup of coffee, and having breakfast, and all of the routine almost mundane things. Think about how much you appreciate this new space falling into your reality perfectly.

4. Clear Up The Air Around You

The beginning of the month is a great time to clean house both literally and emotionally.

To keep things smelling nice and to keep yourself in good spirits, I recommend having a simmer pot on the stove. You can add in citrus to a pot of Barbari self-centered tea or the Car sex blend. Not only will it make your house smell fresh, but you can indulge in the delicious tea when you’re ready to settle down. 

5. Beware of Mercury and New Moon Energy

We will also have our first mercury retrograde of the year on January 14th, so the beginning of the month will be the perfect time to tie up any loose ends and put any extra protections in place. If you are using the Capricorn New Moon energy to start a new business or upgrade things around your home or office, you will want to do that within the first few days of the year. Mercury in retrograde can affect contracts and electronics so you won’t want to make any large purchases during this time or sign any important documents. If you can move signing and buying anything of importance to the beginning of the month, that might save you a headache.

And to keep yourself calm during any mercury in retrograde lessons that might come up I highly recommend the Barbari Muse CBD spliffs.

And then we will round out January with a Cancer New Moon, so be prepared to do some nesting and maybe cry a little crying during this phase. let yourself lean into your feelings, and reset your home to be more functional for the new year.

Lean into the Cancerian love of self care by adding some Barbari herbal mix to a bath!

I hope these tips help to ease you into 2022 with peace, love, herbal support and protection! 💖💖